Tips For Successfully Managing Your Remote Dedicated Software Development Team

The question about the successful management of a remote dedicated software development team bothers many entrepreneurs all over the world. The reason is simple: it seems easier to manage an in-house team than build fruitful cooperation with a tech partner located on another continent. But should it be a solid reason to refuse the remote type of cooperation? Let’s take a look at this topic in detail.

Three Significant Elements of the Cooperation with a Remote Development Team

We carefully analyzed the most considerable elements of cooperating with a remote team. As the experience shows, most entrepreneurs beware of the remote cooperation because of three potential difficulties: language, time zones, and cultural differences. But is there something to be afraid of? IT specialists all over the world speak English fluently, so this is not an issue. Different time zones may look inconvenient at first, but an optimized organization of the processes crashes this prejudice. And, definitely, cultural differences cannot cause any real troubles inside a team. Professionals always act professionally.

Tips to Manage Your Remote Development Team

We prepared the information on three amazing tips for successful management of a remote development team. Implement the following practices and enjoy the results!

  1. Use Proper Software Tools
    The IT industry offers a variety of amazing solutions for organizing the processes inside your team. Use Trello boards or Jira, keep the information in Google Docs, communicate via Skype, Slack or Google Hangouts – the majority of significant tasks get simpler with such software tools.
  2. Pay Attention To Communication
    Frequent team calls are not dull, they are necessary. Try to communicate with your co-workers as much as possible. Additionally, organize the performance review meetings.
  3. Use Iterations
    Divide the project it into smaller parts to make the process smooth, seamless and easier to manage.


Managing your remote development team can be easy. You can create amazing conditions for your remote co-workers and optimize the processes by following simple tips.

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