The best examples of Python apps: Here are the top 12

Python is one of the popular programming languages. It is easy to learn and read. In addition to this, it has a vast library. That’s why Python app development is popular among developers.

This article deals with some of the favorite Python apps.

1. YouTube

YouTube is a top-rated online video streaming app and website. The YouTube provides us with endless hours of video entertainment. YouTube allows its users to upload, view, share the video clips. Besides this, YouTube also provides the facility to like, dislike, and comment on the videos.

Apart from this, users can also create playlists as per their choice. YouTube also lets its users add videos to the created playlists.

If any of the users find the content of videos inappropriate or offensive, they can report that video.

YouTube contains a vast variety of content. For example, TV shows, documentary films, movie trailers, music videos, and more.

Today, YouTube has become one of the widely used sources for education. Users can find lots of educational videos on the YouTube.

YouTube gets its powers from Python programming language. Python is used for different purposes on YouTube because of its speed. Python code is executed in the background everytime we watch a video.

It is the Python which allows users to stream and like videos on the YouTube.

2. Dropbox

Dropbox is an application to store documents online. Today, some people use Dropbox. You can download the Dropbox app on your phone from Store.

Dropbox is cloud storage which provides you the facility of keeping all your files in one place. So that, you can easily access them whenever needed. Moreover, you can access your files anytime anywhere. From word to powerpoint, it lets you save all types of files.

Today, Dropbox has become an essential part of our life.

It is the Python that provides Dropbox such features. The Python allows users to upload and share the files on Dropbox. Furthermore, Python provides the essential feature, sync to the Dropbox.

3. Quora

Quora is another best example of Python app. It is a platform where users can share their ideas in the form of questions and answers. The app of Quora is available at the Stores. Users can download the app on their phones from there.

Around 100 million visitors visit Quora every month. The most significant advantage of the Quora is the freedom to ask any question. Every day, users post many questions from different fields. For example, Science and Technology, Food, Travel, Education, and more.

The user gets his answers from the multiple people. These may be the students, graduates, or experts in a particular field.

Also, there is also an upvoting system on the Quora. Users can upvote the answers which they like the most.

Python provides the functionality to Quora. Users get the facility to upvote and downvote answers due to Python. Furthermore, Python also provides some other features to Quora. For example, sharing, reporting the answers.

4. Instagram

Instagram is one more best Python app. It is a social networking app which lets users share photos and videos from their smartphones.

When a user posts a photo or video on Instagram, it displays that photo or video on his profile. The users who want to see other users’ content, have to follow them on the Instagram.

Today, the Instagram app is widely used for marketing purposes. Moreover, some companies use Instagram to promote their business.

Instagram gets its powers from Python. Python provides users with the facility to share photos and videos on Instagram. Besides this, Python also lets users browse and find the photos.

5. Spotify

Spotify is the application made for music lovers. It is a music streaming service which lets users access millions of songs. Not only songs, but users can also stream videos from their favorite artists across the world.

The best part of the Spotify is its free of cost availability. The free or basic plan of Spotify includes ads. Users can get an ad-free version of Spotify by purchasing the subscription.

Like other applications, Spotify is also available in the Stores. Users can download it from there and install it on their smartphones.

Python provides the ability to stream the music and videos to Spotify. With the help of Python, users can access their favorite songs on Spotify easily.

6. Reddit

Reddit is an online place to find the information based on different categories. It is a social platform used to submit posts. It also lets users upvote and downvote the posts.

Today, many companies use Reddit to promote their business. Besides this, Reddit is also one of the favorite platforms for bloggers and start-ups.

At the Store, Reddit app is available. Users can download it easily. Being coded in Python, Reddit gets all its powers from Python.

7. Yahoo Maps

Yahoo Map is another Python-based application. It lets users find locations and get directions. Moreover, users can also find reviews about different local places. Reviews are the opinions about the places which other people post on Yahoo Maps.

Yahoo Maps rely on Python for its functioning. The API and programming of the application are based on Python.

8. Google

Google is the most popular search engine. The power behind the most powerful search engine of the world is Python. All the Android smartphones come with built-in Google app.

Python handles all the traffic and computing needs of the Google. Hence, it is the Python which makes the Google a real player.

9. Hipmunk

Hipmunk is another application which runs on Python. It lets users compare all top travel sites. Besides this, it also helps users find best deals on hotels. With Hipmunk, users can save up to 60% of their money.

The Hipmunk app is also available on Store from where users can download it easily. Like other applications discussed above, Hipmunk also relies on Python for its functioning.

10. Facebook

Facebook is yet another application that requires Python to run. It is one of the widely used social networking sites. All the Android smartphones come with the pre-installed Facebook app.

Today, many companies use the application for the promotion of their business. Facebook is not only a medium of entertainment but also a medium for other purposes. For example, education, finding jobs.

Using Facebook, users can share their photos and videos. Also, it lets users comment on different photos and videos. Facebook does all this with the power of Python.

11. BitTorrent

BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer file transfer protocol. Hence, users can use it to share a significant amount of data over the internet. BitTorrent is another powerful app which uses Python programming language.

12. Netflix

Netflix is another application which runs on Python programming language. The Netflix app is available for the users to download from Store. Users can use the application to watch movies and TV shows.


Today, many websites and apps run on Python programming language. Therefore, most of the Android app developers use Python language to code the applications.

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