The Importance of Technical Analysis in Forex Trading

If you want to be successful in the forex trading business, then you must fully be prepared to do technical analysis. There are many different kinds of analysis techniques in forex, and technical analysis is one of the most fundamental. A lot of people who get into the trade without a proper background in technical analysis end up wasting a lot of time and probably losing huge amounts of money. The forex market has attracted hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts who want to get more freedom on their hands. There are indeed huge rewards that come with forex trading, but you must be prepared to take time off to learn. Here is a quick look at the importance of technical analysis in forex trading.

For effective identification of trends

Trends are at the core of the trading business. You cannot make a sell or buy trade if you have not clearly established the prevailing trend in the market. Forex analysis, in general, allows traders to observe the market trends. The technical analysis specifically though allows traders to easily and efficiently identify market trends. Technical analysis brings together various market tools and allows for a quick comparison of a varied set of markets. The reason why technical analysis is effective is that it creates an order in a market that is otherwise disorderly. Technical analysis also uses formulas that are crafted to work in accordance with the market rhythm. This is quite different from other kinds of analysis which work independent of the market and are thus not very accurate.

To understand the general nature of the market

The forex market is not very easy to understand even when you are very skilled in the trade. One of the most reliable sources of information in the forex market is historical records. reports that most technical analysts rely on this historical data to understand how the market works in an effort to make sound market moves. Indeed, the forex market is prevalent with patterns.

The long-term and short-term patterns are easily understood when technical analysis tools are used to analyze historical data. Other forms of analysis are not very deep when it comes to the use of historical data. Technical analysis though makes an extensive use of this data. This means that the conclusions made after a thorough technical analysis have the highest levels of accuracy.

For easy identification of market entry and exit points

Finally, currency trading is all about entering a trade and making an exit when a particular profit level has been reached. Currency in the market is usually traded in pairs. But it is not viable to only rely on a single pair when you want to make profits. Since monitoring multiple pairs is a complicated affair though, a good form of analysis is needed. Technical analysis solves the issue of market complexity as it allows traders to track multiple currency pairs.

Technical analysis creates a visual representation of the market trends, and this allows traders to visually identify points where their trades are viable. Technical analysis is thus used by professional traders and you should take your time to understand it in order to be successful in the market.

4 thoughts on “The Importance of Technical Analysis in Forex Trading”

  1. I love Technical analysis. It is reliable in the short timeframes and that is where most retail traders fall.

    I stopped trading fundmentals a lot, when price often went the opposite direction of news – after taking my money, it comes back and shoots in the direction I knew it would go.

    Fundamentals require trading in a long term – think weeks or even months.

    One therefore has to be ready for an extended drawdown before price goes according to analysis.


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