6 Best Android Apps For Movie Lovers

If there’s one thing that all movie lovers can’t get enough of, it’s movie apps. Movie apps don’t have to be the apps that allow you to stream movies, there are tons of different apps that can provide you with information about which movies are worth watching and which ones are better to be missed, so if you are a movie buff and you want to make sure you get all the movie information that you can, here are some must have apps for you.

IMDb Movies & TV

This is an absolute must have for all movie lovers. You will always be grateful to the app when you refer to it before you start to watch a movie. IMDb is known to provide the best ratings for all movies so you don’t end up wasting your time watching the entire movie just because you thought the name was interesting. You can also check the release dates for some movies here so you know when you can expect to watch the movies online or at theaters. This is a free app to download and it gives you precise information which is why it is one app that you shouldn’t ignore.

Movie Collection

There’s no fun in having a lot of movie apps on your phone without any apps that can actually stream movies. Movie Collection is an amazing app that enables you to watch some of your all time favorite movies whenever you want to. You should download the app mainly because of the amazing movie collection that you can find on it.

While the app is free to download, there are loads of advertisements that will pop up which can get annoying. If you want the app ad free you might have to shell out a little money. However, even the advertisements aren’t that long so if you don’t mind short advertisements in between your movie viewing experience, you can use the free version for as long as you want.


Netflix is extremely popular across the world because of a number of reasons. With Netflix you can watch all your favorite TV shows and movies all day long and you will never run out of your dose of entertainment. The movie collection with Netflix is amazing and there are some features on this app that no other movie app has been able to come up with.

One such feature is the Netflix queue that will help you to line up movies to watch without the need for you to keep checking and searching on the app after a movie is done. You can keep changing the queue and replacing older movies with new movies. This will help you to stay in touch with all the latest movies without too much hassle.


If you’re wondering why you need to have YouTube on your phone then think of all the times you ended up watching a really crappy movie just because the name impressed you. Now think about watching the trailer before you make your pick. Watching trailers can reveal a lot about a movie so you don’t need to waste your time watching the entire movie even though it’s really boring anymore. You can decide whether or not it’s worth watching by checking the trailer on YouTube. You can also watch some upcoming movie trailers so you know which movies you need to look out for.


Checking-in is the latest trend that is catching up on social networking sites. Every social media account has a facility for checking-in so that your family members are friends can know what you are up to. With this app, you can now check-in when you are watching your favorite movie as well. You can even share your thoughts regarding the movie and share it on your social media account. You can also collect a few stickers each time you check-in to the latest movies.

When you have collected a large number of these stickers, you will be able to exchange it with an actual sticker that you can stick anywhere you want in your house or even on your car. You can even check in while playing video games or even while watching your favorite TV shows or while listening to your favorite music.


This is an amazing app that every movie lover must have. The app is free to download and you can get the latest apk for megabox hd so that you can watch movies irrespective which platform you use. This app is very convenient to use and it is also one of the most user friendly movie streaming apps that you will find. The best part about MegaBox is that it is known to update its movie collection very regularly. This means that you don’t need to watch the same movies over and over again. You’ll always have something new to watch here.

Movie buffs are always keen on watching some of the best movies and while there are so many apps that you can pick from, it’s really important that you ensure you pick one that works well for you. This not only helps you to watch the most popular movies, it also helps you to see which movies are worth watching and which ones are not. You no longer need to visit the theater to watch movies when you have these handy apps on your phone.

Convenience is the key to people today. They look for quick solutions to just about everything. This is where these movie apps come into the picture. You will be able to stay entertained all the time. Even if you are at work, you can plug in your headphones and get your phone out to watch some of your favorite movies and shows. This is something that will help take the stress away and keep you motivated to keep going through the day with your work. Once you download these movie apps, you will not look for any other form of entertainment.

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  1. Hi Klaus,

    Great list! For me YouTube is the best site for videos. Their quality is good and they have huge pool of videos and movies. Netflix is also good and ithas become very popular of late.

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. Get Glue and Megabox is new to me. I use TV Time app. Its very useful too. If possible do check and update in the list. Thank you.


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