The 5 Best Ways To Integrate Online And Offline Marketing

In 2020, it may feel like the digital world is all you need to make your business successful, but offline, community-based marketing is still an effective tool that shouldn’t be overlooked. By integrating both online and offline media into your marketing strategy, you’ll reach and convert more customers than you would with either one method alone. Here are five of the best ways to combine digital and print media in your marketing plan today. 

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Add QR Codes To Print Advertisements

QR codes, or quick response codes, are a great way to link print marketing to your online business. You can put these codes on business cards, pamphlets, and signs to allow potential customers and clients to quickly connect to your website, blog, or social media accounts. They can also be used to link to products on your e-commerce store, online coupons, and contact information for your business. 

Creating a QR code for your business couldn’t be easier. If you’ve never created one before, check out this resource: How to Make QR code. Not only is the process straightforward, but you can design a code that is customized to fit your brand’s aesthetic. 

Coupons and Free Samples 

As a business owner, you already know that providing discounts drives sales. While online discounts are great for maintaining customer loyalty, print coupons target new customers and should entice them to try your products or services for the first time. Make the redemption of these coupons digital, requiring customers to go online to receive their discount. They’re also more likely to make an additional purchase once they’re on your site, all thanks to that single coupon. 

If you’re a product-based business, send out some free samples for potential customers to try. Make sure you emphasize on the product packaging where they can go to buy more if they enjoy the product. You can include photos from your social media accounts to drive traffic to those platforms as well. 

Present at Events 

Personally showcase your business to potential customers by offering to present at events in your community, or even by organizing an event yourself. Encourage attendees to visit your website and social media profiles, and take photos of the event to be posted on your account. Connecting with clients in person will help your business stick in their minds and encourage loyalty. 

Printed Pamphlets 

In the age of the internet, snail mail might seem like a waste of time, but many people actually still prefer receiving communications through mail – especially the older demographic! Instead of printing a standard pamphlet or flyer, why not add an excerpt from your business’s blog? Make sure to include information on where they can go to read more. 

Draws and Competitions

Nothing entices people more than the chance to receive free products and services. Using print advertisements, offer potential and returning customers a chance to win in exchange for following, commenting, or sharing a social media post, or by joining your business’s email list. 

As you’ve probably noticed by now, there is quite a bit of overlap between these strategies – why not put a QR code in your presentation at your next event? Combine them in ways that best fit your business, and you’ll be unstoppable. 

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