A Complete Guide To Visitor Recording and How To do It For Your Website

Visitor behaviour analysis is a vital part of any business and session recording is a major tool for that. It gives you an understanding of the likings and dislikings of your potential customers and helps you to improve the performance of your website. Increasing the conversion rate is the ultimate objective of any online business. Session recording provides you with valuable insight into how to optimize your site for better conversion rates. This article is a complete guide to visitors recording. At the end of the article, you will get a complete picture of the process and get an idea about how to do it on your WordPress website.

What is the visitor recording? 

Visitor recording is a powerful tool for users’ behaviour analysis and conversion rate optimization. It gives you a deep insight into the user experience of your viewers. The word refers to the process of recording the movement of the visitors on your site. You can play the recording later and monitor the browsing behaviour of the visitors in detail.

Here are the major advantages of visitor’s session recordings – 

  • Lets you monitor viewers’ interaction in real-time
  • Allows you to look into individual visitor sessions
  • Helps you to find out the bugs in the process and fix them up
  • You can test and add new elements to your web pages easily

How are the web sessions recorded? 

For visitor session recordings on your website, you need a specially designed software installed on your device. There are hundreds of tools available in the market. The easiest way is to use a WordPress plugin if you are a WordPress user. All you need to do is to install the plugin and activate it. Furthermore, the rest of the things will be done automatically. HumCommerce, Hotjar and Lucky Orange are some popular plugins for session recordings.

What does it tell you about the visitors? 

Visitors’ session recording helps you to understand how your potential customers feel about you. It gives you a complete overview of your users’ reactions towards every single element of your website. What are the things they engage with and distract them the most. You also get an idea about how to reshape your website to meet the needs of the customers. In a nutshell, session replay tells you what your visitors expect on your website.

Here are the things that session recordings let you do – 

  • See how your visitors interact with the elements of your website and they navigate through your web pages
  • Find out what prevents visitors from converting
  • Identify the high performing and low performing pages
  • Improve user experience

The key elements of session recordings 

Session recording is a rich qualitative tool for market research. It lets you study user behaviour from many different angles. If you can replay the complete journey of individual visitors on your site, there are hundreds of elements that you can study minutely. But there are some common elements that marketers prefer to study while carrying research about users’ behaviour.

Here are the key elements of session recordings – 

On-page activities 

Session replay captures all the activities of your viewers on your webpages. You can see in datil where they click, scroll or tap. This gives you an idea about the preferences of your target groups. You can reshare your website accordingly and generate more leads.

Multiple page views 

Session recording tracks the entire visitor’s journey. It tells you about how exactly a visitor navigated through the pages of your website. This helps you to monitor the performance of each page separately. The pages that fail to grab visitor’s attention can either be removed or you can improve them to reduce the bounce rate.

Keyboard strokes 

With the session recording, you can also track keyboard data. Some advanced tools allow you to do that. It lets you obtain personally identifiable information about individual users with their permission. This helps you remember the users.

HumCommerce: Powerful WordPress Plugin For Session Recordings

HumCommerce is a FREE WordPress Plugin comes with advanced features of session recording and visitor behaviour analysis. You can use these tools to monitor every single action that your visitors take on your site. There are options to play the individual session recordings at various speeds for your convenience. Also, the plugin helps you to curb the bounce rate of your website, find out the critical bugs and address the pain points of the users.

All the features finally contribute to boosting up the conversion rate of your website.

Here are the major session recording features that Humcomerce offers – 

Monitor cursor movements

HumCommerce allows you to track minutely how the visitors navigate through your website. What are the elements that engage them more and what they don’t like.

Easy setup 

Installing and configuring HumCommerce is a matter of just a few minutes. Anybody can go through the documentation and do it easily. No coding knowledge is required for this.


If you don’t want to manually play the session recordings, the auto replay feature will help you. It will play all the session recordings one after the other.

Fast forward 

When you are in a hurry, you can use this feature. It allows you to have a quick look on the individual session recordings.

Visitor log 

The speciality of this plugin is it lets you access the visitor log in feature straight from the visitor recording window.

Filter recordings 

With Humcommerce you can filter the visitor session recordings on the basis of date, device, location and many more things.

Skip inactivity 

This feature saves you time and effort. You can skip the inactive portion of your website and move on to the next area with just a single click.

Cart Abandonment analysis  

HumCommerce lets you see at which stage of the conversion process your visitors are leaving. It gives you an idea about what distracts them. Based on that you can take some corrective actions. It will increase the chances of conversions.

Apart from session recording, HumCommerce offers you many more features for conversion rate optimization. You can build a flexible conversion panel and analyze the performance of individual pages. This helps you to find out what elements work better for your target group. Based on this, you can design your conversion maps. You can also create surveys and polls on your site to find out users’ reactions in a direct way. It helps you to reshape your website as per the users’ choice which increases chances for more conversions.

It is a free WordPress plugin that ensures a stress-free optimization of your site.  You can use this free WooComerce Plugin for your store today.

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In this article, we have made an attempt to guide you through the process of visitor session recording. We talked about its importance for eCommerce in detail and at the end of the article, we mentioned a free WordPress plugin that ensures hassle-free session recording. It also offers you many rich tools for conversion rate optimization. If you are looking for an easy way to study user behaviour to improve the performance of your online shop, grab the free tool and move ahead. It will let you play individual session recordings at different speeds as per your convenience to find out the critical bugs and fix them instantly.

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