How to Recover Data from Dead Macbook Pro Hard Drive

As a popular desktop device, Macbook Pro enables users to enjoy a whole new level of notebook performance and portability. Although it works well in many fields, something wrong may take place occasionally. For example, it may go dead or crashed due to various reasons.

Here is a case: 

My Macbook Pro, which has been used for 4 years died last week. I went to the Apple Store with being told it’s logically dead. But it contains many important files that were not backed up. How could I restore these files? I don’t have such experience.

Probably you have never thought you would meet this situation that the Macbook Pro becomes dead or crashed one day. But unfortunately, it does happen frequently. Then, you can’t open the Macbook Pro, nor access the saved files. If you didn’t make backup or have a Time Machine, the matter will get worse.   

Is it possible to recover your files from the dead MacBook Pro? To be honest, it is possible, but not easy, especially if you have no experience in MacBook data recovery. Apple provides particular tool for helping users to transfer data from one MacBook Pro to another, but it will be difficult to achieve under many circumstances. 

Therefore, we would like to share a more effective way to recover data from dead Macbook Pro hard drive. MiniTool Mac Data Recovery, a piece of professional Mac data recovery software, can supply you the safest way to extract data from dead MacBook Pro. Just read on the following how-to guide. 

Recover Data from Dead MacBook Pro with MiniTool

As a reliable Mac data recovery tool, MiniTool Mac Data Recovery owns some characteristics, such as powerful ability to recover data in various cases, easy operating process and reasonable price. With its Bootable Edition, which has helped many users recover data from dead Macbook Pro successfully, you can achieve the goal. 

Please follow these steps:

Step 1. Install MiniTool Mac Data Recovery Bootable Edition. It is able to access to your Macbook Pro hard drive data without OS.

Step 2. Run Bootable Media Builder to make a bootable disk by burning the bootable software to a USB/CD.

Step 3. Access the hard drive of the dead MacBook with using the bootable disk.

① Plug the bootable disk in your dead MacBook.

② Open the MacBook and change boot settings in order to boot from the bootable USB/CD.

③ Boot into the hard drive under guidance. Then reach the main interface of Mac Data Recovery.

④ Insert the external storage device into the dead Macbook Pro to store the recovered data.

Step 4. Choose one recovery module from the four listed. In this case, we need to choose Damaged Partition Recovery. Then, let’s begin to scan the target hard drive by clicking Scan.

Step 5. Wait for a while until the scanning finishes. Then, browse each path of scanned results to look for the wanted data. Once you discover the data you need, just tick it on. In the end, press Save to store all chosen files to the connected external drive.

After completing all steps above, you can remove the external drive from the dead Macbook Pro, and then, connect the external drive to another computer to check what you have recovered. 


In a word, there is no need to worry too much when your Macbook Pro goes dead or crashed, because it is very likely to recover data from dead Macbook Pro as long as you make use of this software, or you have a full backup stored in another place. We hope this tutorial can help you out.


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  1. I almost gave up on my business files that could cost me my life savings. Thanks for this tutorial, I got my files back with ease on my hard drive.
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