Simple Ways to Relax and Prevent Stress Buildup

No matter who you ask, there’s really no way one can avoid the stress of daily life. School, work, responsibilities at home, deadlines, family, friends, even your monthly bills – all of these can potentially create stress.

Daily stressors are a part of life and these can pile up if we don’t do anything about them. Below are some simple ways to add to your routine in order to relax and prevent stress buildup.

  • Balance responsibilities like school homework or work with activities you enjoy like spending time with friends or family. It is really all about balance. All work and no play can take a toll on everyone’s mental health. On the flipside, if all you do is play that there’s not much time left for homework, then that can really stress you out as well.

  • Manage responsibilities. Use a calendar to keep track of chores, assignments, and other obligations. Managing stress means overcoming procrastination and being on top of everything that must be done. Designate which person in the family needs to do something like who is doing the cooking for the day, or who is going to take care of the children when the parents are at work. If you have aging parents, then you need to read this to make sure they’re comfortable in their senior years:

  • Get adequate sleep. As a school-age child or working adult, getting the right amount of sleep can be pretty challenging at times because it’s easy to let homework, exams, spending time with friends, or binge watching to get in the way of sleep.

  • Eat healthy foods. What we eat has a direct impact on our energy, mood and stress level. Eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to avoid all treats. It’s just we need to balance what we take in to our bodies. Eating a cone of ice cream or a slice of cake can really do wonders for our emotions, but overdoing it can cause us to feel cranky, experience a sugar crash and therefore end up getting stressed.

  • Make time for daily exercise. Exercise releases chemicals in the brain called endorphins. Endorphins make us happy, and that’s the very reason why we need to exercise. You don’t even have to go to the gym just to do that. You can simply take a jog at the local park, exercise along with workout videos at home, or you can even turn a few chores into exercise, like buying a gift here and delivering it personally by jogging to your parents’ or friend’s place nearby.

The idea of relaxing varies differently depending on the type of people. Some find it relaxing to bake goodies even if it still requires a lot of work, while there are those who relieve their stress by just spending time with family like watching a movie or having a barbecue, drinking beer with friends, or just curling up with a good book. Click here to learn how you can relax a different way from your usual routine.

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  1. It’s important to talk about mental health.
    Support network, like friends or family, is really protective to minimize stress.
    Congrats for your post!

  2. Hi,
    Now days mental health become a big issue be have to talk about this and, I think be all have to do meditation for 10 mins daily for stress free life


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