12 Predictions for 2020 in SEO & Digital Marketing  

As we know that more and more webmasters, as well as entrepreneurs, are beginning to understand the nature of success in today’s market and especially for the online competition of marketing that should continue to grow. If you are the one who is taking care of a website, then you need to continue upgrading the marketing for the same so that the performance also increases rather than falling. 

Well, a lot of you might think what it means, so for the same, there are two elements that should be considered when there is a task of aligning the business in a proper manner, be it content marketing or search engine optimization. Such topics are completely complex and expanded, even though they represent the best viable ways of keeping yourself first in the game. With the trends changing each day, the strategies and the techniques should be practiced properly no matter what. For this, we need to get in touch with the best local SEO service for our businesses.

So, let us take a look at the finest predictions that can be undertaken for this upcoming year. 

  1. Snippets are essential 

The essential snippets have now slowly and steadily stolen the essentiality of the number one organic search results. A lot of marketers are perceiving snippets like the one on position 0 and a lot of marketers are preferring to shift the concentration towards the ranking of snippets. In the year 2020, there has been a great fight for the featured snippets as they have been receiving more attention than the other search results. In the year 2019, around fifty-five percent of Google clicks have taken birth from the snippets which are more than half of the same clicks. For leveraging the same feature which is highly important, one must focus on answering the questions that are asked commonly on the website, which are more often the FAQs. 

But, Google is the only one that can eventually evaluate the quality of the answers and that’s done by the usage of sophisticated artificial intelligence learning machines. Hence, concentration on the natural answers that can match up the target audience’s intentions is the biggest thing. 

2. Growth of Influencer Marketing 

Many people prefer taking the advice of the influencer rather than listening to a random advertisement or anything else. The users of the internet are now tired of the repetitive ads, which is the reason that more than half of them are now becoming immune in many ways as in paid advertising. Influencer marketing is the right solution in the current field as it has been serving a lot of people in its friendly ways and the manners that are not intrusive and can promote the products as well as services, no matter what. 

3. Security of websites is compulsory 

Apparently, it is really very important for the websites to be secure, as depending on the same, users spend time on it. As we know the safety of the users is a great trend, which is the reason that in the year 2020, the websites are trying to rank the highest so that they can provide their users with a very safe and secure experience. If the website is not secure, then the bounce rate can also turn higher, which can further affect the whole rankings of the search. 

4. No Bonus 

Most people have been thinking that voice optimization is a bonus, however little do they know that it is no more a bonus. As we know that technology has leveled up a lot and search queries are no longer the plugged words present in the search boxes. In the year 2020, voice searches have now turned more essential and a great trend. Feel free to search for something through your phone, smart tv or smartwatch. As per the research around fifty percent of the web, searches are undertaken from the voice searches itself. 

5. Mobile optimization 

In case your website is not optimized for the mobiles in the year 2020, then you are definitely missing the whole game. Most of the users of the internet are using their mobile devices for searching or finding anything. They are using mobiles for communication, helping, taking information, entertaining themselves, being active on social channels and more. So, for the same, mobile websites must be optimized aptly. 

6. Optimization of Content 

Content has always been the king and will stay the king forever! Yes! There are a lot of marketers and masters of the web who are not able to understand that content is crucial for targeting the users and not optimizing it, especially for the search engines. Today, natural content speaks a lot and the human ear plays a vital role in achieving anything as Google AI tools are the ones that can seek out the difference between the optimized and non-optimized content. 

7. Lengthy Content 

We must know that, if there is a need to rank higher, produce good and long content, then gone are the days when you can publish a five hundred word article on the website, as it no longer works. The articles which are lengthy enough and extensive are the ones that are mostly ranked number one on the first and foremost page of Google. 

8. User Experience 

As we know that competition is essential for every niche which is the reason that the webmasters are now differentiating the brands and the products in the finest manner possible. This year, you will be experiencing the best experiences because the users are important and their experience does not count but is valued like a boss! 

9. Speed is Vital

Be it any field, speed is the vital thing required everywhere! Since we can see that the internet users are turning good for convenience which is the reason that now we can freely move towards the right path by showering more surprises and smooth speed for the users. Every user expects good speed for every search that is undertaken by them and for the same we should be careful. 

10. AI is a game-changer 

Yes, you heard it right! It is something that can surely transform the whole game. In the field of digital marketing, Google’s technology of artificial intelligence is a professional in the collection, storing and measuring so much data in an order that can properly anticipate the search intent of the users and the website’s content similarity as well. 

11. Branding -The first priority 

As we can observe that more and more marketers are spending the important pieces of their budget on the advertising which is paid, so in the year 2020, it is obvious that the ads will not be relevant. The ads might turn expensive for many advertisers out there who are exclusively making use of the same for getting traffic. 

12. New Brand Search Engines 

Although Google is currently the most famous search engine, the other similar players are now beginning to show up. DuckDuckGo is the newest alternative for every other general search engine. In the last year of 2019, it had millions of search queries. Even Bing and Yahoo are the ones that are counted as the second and third search engines of the world and are rising every year. 

Guest article written by: Ravi Sharma, CEO of  Webomaze is a highly enthusiastic entrepreneur. His love for making every business reach the greatest heights in their industry made him establish his digital marketing company delivering the best local SEO services. He has got a great grip on the idea of effective SEO process and tactics which are vital for virtual exposure. He is a fun-loving person and a keen traveler who always hunts to find adventure in new places.

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