How to Find Event Logs in Windows When a Program Crashes?

Windows is a very popular operating system developed by Microsoft. It is estimated that Windows is used by more than 1.5 million people around the world. it comes preinstalled on most laptops and computers when you buy a new one. it is a very simple operating system, is easy to use, is user friendly, and helps you download many useful applications and utilities that you need. Many people download computer games or use them to watch movies and surf the Internet.

But not everything in the world is perfect and so is Windows. There are times when due to overloading of the system processes like opening applications that consume a lot of resources or changing the settings of applications that create conflict, the Windows operating system crashes. You can try to optimize Windows for better performance but it doesn’t help always. There will be crashes due to errors that will be difficult to get rid of. One example of such a crash would be the video TDR failure error that leaves you with a blue error screen. You can try to troubleshoot the problem or maybe restart your windows system to fix the error. But at times that is not enough, and you continue to face the same error again and again. When this happens, you can reach out to the windows support team online or maybe contact someone from the Windows helpdesk to help you fix the issue.

In such cases, it is important that you have some kind of information or error logs through which you can communicate the issue with the windows support team. But how can you find these event logs? There are certain steps that you can follow which will help you to find event logs in Windows. I have mentioned these steps below. You can use them to get the status log report quickly.

  1. First, go to the start button on the left bottom corner of the windows, there you will see a Windows search box that mentions type here to search. Type the word “event” in that box.
  2. You will see an “Event Viewer” option in the search result. Click on it.
  3. An “event viewer” dialog box will appear. Navigate to “windows logs” on the left-hand sidebar and select “Applications“.
  4. Find the latest event with the error on the right-hand side menu. You can identify it by searching for the words “application error” in the “source” column.
  5. Now copy the text mentioned in the “general tab” below the “application” dialog box.
  6. Open the notepad and save this text asa.exe file. You can also take a screenshot of this event log.

The above steps should help you find the event logs in Windows. You can then share the screenshot or text file with the windows support team and get your issue resolved.

If you are using Windows Vista, go to “Control panel”, and select “administrative tools”. Then click on “event viewer” and select “windows logs”. Click on “application” and then select “error” type event. Now copy the text on the “general tab”. This will give you the event logfile in Windows vista.

If you are using Windows XP, you can again go to “Control panel”, select “administrative tools”. Then click on “event viewer” and select the “application” option. Check the “error” type event and copy the text in the “general tab”. This will give you a copy of the event log for Windows XP operating system.

These were some quick steps through which you can find event logs in Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows Vista, and Windows XP operating systems. After extracting the information from these logs, if you want to share them online, you can visit the Microsoft support forum and paste these logs along with a short description of your crash. Then based on the availability someone from the Microsoft support team should get back to you soon.

2 thoughts on “How to Find Event Logs in Windows When a Program Crashes?”

  1. Thank you for sharing this very informative article, get a status log report is very difficult but you shared such an easy way to get it.

  2. Thank you for sharing this very informative article, get a status log report is very difficult but you shared such an easy way to get it.


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