How email marketing has become the core of the business?

Hello, we are here with a simple yet important part of your business unit. Email marketing, many might feel like an old technique and believe that it is dead in the modern style of working. But it is not so. 

Among all the digital marketing tactics, email marketing is even an important one. It is one of the major effective ways to reach, engage and attract your audience. It is a great technique for marketing and is recommended for most types of businesses. It is suggested to follow email marketing in 2021 due to the following benefits of using it. 


For any business, it becomes difficult to optimize time and money together and both of these are known as the constraints of any business. The big business might opt for advertising spaces and advanced tools but for the small business, it is not feasible to spend much money. It is seen that the cost associated with email marketing is much low, to begin with. Email marketing can save a lot of time by providing personalized and targeted subscribers by running on an automated mode. 

Increase website traffic 

Emails serve as a great choice to attract customers and visitors to your website. Relevant links can be added to the email to bring the viewers. Email campaigns are also carried out to get the customers to engage with the websites and their other great pieces of work. 

For instance, the local school can share the emails to the interested candidates to make them aware of the availability of seats and the number of seats. Many customers or viewers might have missed the important announcement on the website as they have not visited it for a long time. Also, at the same time, the school can promote and fill the seats quickly by getting classes via email instead of waiting for reservations. 

Boosting performance 

A few of the trials and researches showed that 66% of people tend to purchase online due to the emails they receive from email marketing messages. The email marketing promotion helps the business to give customers a chance to make a real-time purchase either from their laptop or mobile phone. 

Email marketing can also be used to boost referrals, sell to initial visitors, increase sales to current customers, and focus on re-engaging the customers that have not made any purchase in a long time. If the email content is relevant and targeted, it will let the readers take instant action. 


None of the customers likes to read the emails that feel as if they were sent to a common bunch of people having no major information of their preference or choice. Email marketing allows to group the customers in different lists as per their liking, purchases, preferences and search histories to send highly personalized content. Email is a perfect channel to deliver the personalized messages to the customers as it crafts the subject lines along with the images that attract customers and the valuable content that help them to make a purchase. 


These were a few benefits showing how email marketing has become the core of business activities by carrying out the major task of attracting customers. 

Guest article written by: Jui Bhatia is a Software Analyst at Techimply, India. With the experience in technology driven field, she has mastered her knowledge on How(s) and What(s) to be done for a business. Also, she’s keen to share her knowledge on a few technology-related topics with readers that can assist any kind of business.

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