Guide to WHMCS in Reseller Hosting

Today everybody whether a business or a blogger want to have their own website.

The growth of online presence has lead big hosting companies to deliver the best hosting solutions. 

In addition, with the rise of demand in online presence not only giant web hosting companies are expanding their working areas but also Resellers of the same industries are in the market with their customizable solutions. 

Introduction to Reseller Hosting

As name suggests a reseller hosting is opted by a person or an organization who is willing to start their own web hosting company. 

With reseller hosting you rent out web hosting solutions from a parent company, make your own plans, set your own prices and resell it to your customers in terms of earning profit. 

Moreover, the server management and technical assistance are provided by the parent company to the reseller as a reseller hosting company is not qualified with the high technical things.

 Hence, the parent company provides various tools and software that helps a reseller to manage their business well.

 One of the famous client management tool and billing software is WHMCS that is Web Host Manager Complete Solutions. 

Introduction to WHMCS

Web Host Manager Complete Solution shortly known as WHMCS is a software that helps reseller’s to maintain and manage their web hosting business with ease.

 It is a client management solution that includes billing, support, orders, domain registration and interactions. 

By making the use of WHMCS a reseller business can easily operate his business well. 

Installing WHMCS 

A good web hosting company will offer you WHMCS with your Reseller Hosting Plan. However, most of the companies still do not offer WHMCS with the reseller plan. So you need to install it by yourself.

 By following these simple steps you would be able to install WHMCS with ease. 

Buy a License 

You can easily buy a WHMCS license by visiting the WHMCS website keep in mind to buy the correct license that suits your plan. 

Buying a license wholly depends on the number of clients you are expecting for your business. You can upgrade the plan as per your wants. 

Install WHMCS on the Server 

WHMCS gives installation package when you download it. It has easy to go guide by which you can easily install the WHMCS. 

Configure WHMCS 

The configuration of WHMCS is different for different user. Buy use of this you can easily create your plans and define your own products and services. 

Design your panel to make it more attractive and work simple. You can change the layout anytime you want. You can either integrate to your website or use it independently. 

Some of the most popular functions of WHMCS 

Admin Area 

WHMCS is a great platform where you can manage your client. 

The most important area is the admin area where you can easily manage all your clients where you can see what plans they are having. You can add, remove, modify services upgrade the plan and more with WHMCS. 

Client Area

The client area can be accessed by the users. It shows the information about specific plan that is chosen by the client, cost of plan, pending invoice etc. 

It has a customer support tab where you can connect with your web hosting company and generate tickets if you face any issues. 

Customer Support 

WHMCS is a useful tool when it comes to customer support process. It comes with an automated ticket generating system available in the client area showed in the panel.  

You can add knowledgeable blogs and article in your client area to generate more leads through SEO. 

Billing Process

WHMCS helps you to create invoices automatically. You can notify your customers about pending bills and send final notices to them. 

You need to just set some settings by going to configure tab and then to the System Settings > Automation Settings > Billing Settings. 

You can now set your billing cycle period, the reminder time and the final notices time for your customers etc.  

Security Settings

WHMCS comes with high security protocols for both you and your client. You can easily configure the security of WHMCS. 

Go to Admin area and then to the configuration tab. You will see some of the security things are already set. However, you can enable things like two factor authentication and add other type of security for you and your customers. 

Where to get help if you face technical issues?

Issues may arise anytime. These issues may or may not be able to solve highly technical issues and hence you may require an expert advice. 

As google has all the information regarding all types of stuffs. More specifically if you are not able to resolve any issue by yourself you can connect with the technical support team of the web hosting provider or you may also visit WHMCS support to find quick solution.

 You may find videos and other knowledgeable content on the support platform to solve your issue at quick. 


In Conclusion, WHMCS is the best reseller hosting management tool that a lot of people use. It is easy to learn and use.

 You can manage all your clients and their plans it is a one stop management solution.

 You can visit hostnetindia to reach out the best yet affordable reseller plans with add on features so that you can grow your business hassle free.

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