What Will Influencer Marketing Look Like in 2022?

Companies are aware of how important marketing is to attract an audience and have paying clients. As in this day and age, digital marketing is essential, staying on top of the latest trends is something every business needs to do. Implementing influencer marketing can bring plenty of benefits for a company so here is what this type of advertising will look like in 2022.

Influencers will use various platforms

When talking about influencers, Instagram is usually the first platform that comes to mind. While a HubSpot Blog Research survey did conclude that this social network was the most popular among influencers in 2021, it was not the one that resulted in the highest return on investment. It turns out that Facebook can bring in a bigger ROI. That being said, Instagram is far from disappearing on the influencer marketing scene as sponsored stories, reels, and posts can still reach a wide audience.

However, brands are aware that there are more channels than ever before that they can use to appeal to an audience. With that in mind, influencer marketing is also becoming more and more popular on TikTok where influencers can catch someone’s attention with a short video. For longer formats and more explanation about a company’s products and services, there is also YouTube. Moreover, Pinterest and Snapchat can also be valuable assets in 2022.

Micro-influencers will produce better results

It’s important to note that there are different kinds of influencers and they’re typically classified according to the number of followers they have. For example, those who have fewer than 15,000 followers are considered micro-influencers while there are also regular, rising, and mid-influencer who don’t have over 500,000 followers. Macro-influencers have up to a million while mega-influencers count over a million followers. Brands usually collaborate with influencers in their niche that are within their marketing budget.

Although it might seem that those with the highest number of followers will make the greatest impact, it is micro-influencers that can bring in a bigger audience. Research suggests that engagement can go down when an influencer becomes more popular, which is why micro-influencers are a more sound option than mega-influencers. As the quality of someone’s content and their engagement rates are often more important than followers, micro-influencers will certainly be in high demand in 2022.

Both clients and employees will be influencers

Finding and securing an influencer of any scale can be a bit difficult for a new business. They are often not willing to promote just anyone, even if they get paid or get promotional items. A company should first build a brand and have some authority in its field.

This is where customers can step in. Clients that already worked with a company can easily turn into its ambassadors. When people are satisfied with a service or product, they are likely to talk about it to their friends and family in a positive light and share a good review on their social media profiles. Moreover, as experts for web design from Sydney know, having testimonials from clients can be very beneficial for a company, which is why they like to include a few words from customers on the website as well. What is more, even employees can be considered influencers. Who better to show off a company than those who spent time and invested creativity to make it what it is? They can not only influence buyers through conversations and social media but they might also attract top talent to a company if they share the great working conditions and atmosphere.

Long-term relationships will be more beneficial

Lastly, as finding and connecting with the right influencer can be expensive and take time, one-off campaigns will become a thing of the past. Instead, in 2022, companies will look for individuals that they can build long-term relationships. This approach will not only save brands money and time but it will also allow for the relationship with the influencer to be based on trust and create a campaign that will have a lasting impression on the audience.

In this day and age, looking into various types of digital marketing is vital for a company’s success. Following influencer marketing trends of 2022 can result in reaching a wider audience.

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