Importance of Sales Email – A Comprehensive Guide

Sales email can often be a shot in the dark. Users get approximately 150 emails on average each day and delete more than half. A select few pique users’ interest and receive a reply. As a small-medium enterprise or even a larger corporation, you’d wonder why, then, should your business cram another howl in a vacuum?

It’s simple: sales emails are relevant even today. Many businesses profit off their email marketing campaigns. The average ROI (return on investment) on sales emails generates almost $38 for each dollar invested.

So with only 150 mails per day, you get almost 3,800% return on your investment!

But to gain a return like this, you need to create well-researched and well-crafted emails. Here’s how you can write a winning sales email:

How To Write Sales Email

Each element – from the subject to CTA – should be attention-grabbing. Craft an email message that engages and compels your prospects to your desired action. This requires a lot of thought and research.

Right Audience

You may waste your effort on the wrong prospects if you’re not smart about your target audience. Quality over quantity should be your mantra because your email can fall on deaf ears. Pick qualified leads over a higher number of wrong prospects.

Make sure your marketing team is on board with the lead qualification process. Review your buyer personas to check they fit your customer data and market research. Invest in a lead generator for an instant lead list.

Eye-Catching Subject Line

What drives people to read an email is its subject line. We all know how shorter our attention spans have become over time. Writing a short but eye-catching subject line is important.

Your subject line shouldn’t exceed 50 characters. Use fewer words and personalize the subject line if possible. Addressing a lead with their name can gain more traction. Adding some customization can boost the response rate up to 26%. Invest in email subject lines generator for better reach.

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Personalized Intro

Even if your subject line grabs attention, your lead will likely delete an email without reading it. Fight the urge to introduce yourself in a sales email. Don’t start your email with “Hi, my name is…” which won’t render any good.

It’s irrelevant in today’s digital marketing. Talk about the recipient’s interests. Something they care about. Personalized and specific opening lines can draw attention and compel the recipient to continue reading.

Focus on the recipient’s interests or business if you’re emailing a prospective business partner. This will signal that you’re interested in what they do.

Trim The Main Body

Keep your message short, relevant and insightful. Brevity is important. Don’t beat around the bush and come right to the point. But, make an offer that addresses the recipient’s pain points. This will add value to your marketing tactics.

Invest in a sales email generator to create a sales outreach template personalized according to your company’s needs and features. With an AI-based sales email generator, you can send sales emails to qualified leads with a valuable offer.

Clear CTA

Your call to action is the part that’ll either make your prospects take action or not. Make sure your CTA is clear and communicates directly what you expect them to do next. Whether it’s dropping a text, giving a call or signing up for an account. Be clear!

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Why Is Sales Email Still Relevant?

1. Better Communication Channel

Despite the number of deleted emails, email still remains the no. 1 medium of communication. Over 99% of people check their emails regularly, which means you’ve more chances to win customers.

2. Specific List

Unlike social media, where accounts get suspended or deleted, you own a list of users in email marketing. Where social media fails, email marketing comes to your rescue.

3. Converts Prospects Into Customers

Sales emails can convert potential prospects into customers. Because email marketing has a considerable return on investment, customers who make a purchase decision after a sales email spend more.

4. Cost-Effective

Sales email is an inexpensive way to increase the customer base. You can expand your reach with nearly little to no cost per message. This is particularly why small businesses opt for email marketing to reach prospects.

5. Customized And Personalized

Sales email can be customized to add a personal touch to it. You can change your message to resonate with the target audience. If you use sales emails wisely, you can build customer loyalty.

6. Direct Communication

If you craft and personalize your email messages, it can help build strong relationships with customers. You get to communicate directly with your prospective leads and past customers. Customers love to hear from their favorite brands.

7. Measurable Results

What’s better than results? Measurable results. Often businesses fail to generate concrete results from their marketing tactics. You can track how many leads clicked links given in the email and who unsubscribed.

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