Best In Support: Apple beats Dell and HP

A recent study shows American consumers more satisfied with the products from Apple than the ones from Dell and HP. Apple often gets good grades for their customer service, both in Apple Stores and calls to their support, in the US. Support calls were recently examined by Vocal Laboratories by asking 1147 customers, once their … Read more →

iPhone 3GS costs Apple $179 to produce

According to iSuppli, it would seem that Apple is actually saving some money on producing the new iPhone 3GS at $179 compared to the older iPhone EDGE which had a production cost of $226. Obviously this does not take into consideration the (probably) huge amount of costs they had for research and development. However, even … Read more →

iPhone 3GS almost three times faster than iPhone 3G

Do you have the new iPhone 3GS yet? If not, here’s another reason as to why you need to get one… AppleInsider reports that Apple (finally) undersells, as the iPhone 3GS is almost three times faster than the iPhone 3G, and not only twice as fast. In controlled JavaScript Web site renders, the iPhone 3GS … Read more →

Charge your iPhone/iPod Touch Wirelessly

Palm Pre does it, using the Touchstone. Now iPhone and iPod Touch can do it too, thanks to WildCharge. Wire-free charging technology integrated into a flexible protective cover that fits snugly over the body of your iPhone. Compatible with all models, including the new 3GS. So basically, if you’ve lost your iPhone/iPod charger cable (again!), … Read more →