Game Related ICO’s Explained

An ICO is an abbreviation for Initial Coin Offering. It is a crowd-funding method involving the sale of digital tokens to investors in exchange for tokens. The tokens are what we would refer to as shares in the normal fiat investment. Possession of token denotes taking part ownership of the company. These tokens are put … Read more →

How is Blockchain Technology Reshaping Enterprise World?

Blockchain, the technology that entered the market as the backbone of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, is now eking out space in a wide range of industries and fields. The technology is gradually disrupting different business verticals, such as Finance, Supply Chain, Healthcare, Real Estate, Media, Entertainment, Government, etc. Blockchain technology is not just adding value to … Read more →

TechPatio now blogs about Cryptocurrency – also open for guest authors

Blockchain and cryptocurrency has become more and more mainstream in recent years and we can also feel the interest is rising. Therefor we have decided to create a new category here on TechPatio, called Cryptocurrency. In this new category we will blog about crypto related things, including blockchain, Bitcoin, altcoins etc. Guest authors are of … Read more →

What is Bitcoin?

It’s hard not to hear about Bitcoin – the cryptocurrency has been grabbing international headlines for the past six months. Price surges have seen early investors reap serious rewards, causing a flood of money into the market. But many people still have one question: What is Bitcoin? In essence, Bitcoin is an exchangeable digital currency … Read more →

National Cryptocurrencies 101

Every beginning trader prefers to invest in top 5 – 10 cryptocurrencies. The more globally widespread a currency is, the higher its liquidity and the lower its volatility. Nevertheless, there are quite a few altcoins whose target audience is deliberately limited. These are cryptocurrencies with regional branding created to solve specific local tasks. Even now … Read more →

Cryptojacking – Extreme Lengths People Have Gone to…

You’ve probably already heard of various cryptocurrency exchanges & wallets being hacked, user funds being stolen and so on. However, have you ever heard of crypto jacking? Well, it’s time you do. It’s a term only recently coined implying the stealing of computational power to mine cryptocurrencies. What happens is, the user visits an infected … Read more →

How governments are reacting to the rise of cryptocurrencies

The rapid rise and growth of cryptocurrencies in 2017 has prompted governments around the world to take a closer look at cryptocurrencies as well as the blockchain technology which provides the backend for this revolutionary form of digital currency. Governments across the world have certain rules and regulations put in place to control transactions occurring … Read more →

Blockchain Technology In The Gambling Industry

The times they are a changing. Just about everyone is aware of Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency allegedly created by ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’. Initially seen as something of a curiosity, Bitcoin defied its critics and went on to become something of a phenomenon, and almost a symbol for the autonomy the internet enjoys from forms of regulation. Estimated … Read more →

Online Threats Invulnerability

Times have changed and the internet that was once the epitome of having your own private world has already lost its original state. Not only is your privacy lost these days, but you are even under the surveillance by a government that’s apparently trying to make sure everything is ‘OK’ well; in fact, the world … Read more →

Ransomware Affiliate Systems Are on the Rise

Crypto ransomware keeps taking the world by storm. It props a multimillion-dollar underground economy providing cyber-extortionists with abundant resources to fine-tune their modus operandi. Amidst the whole noise surrounding this despicable business model since 2013, the Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) principle is the new black. It renders online extortion increasingly toxic by making ransomware programs readily available … Read more →

A Lowdown on Modern Online Extortion Tactics

Although the scourge of ransomware has become synonymous with online extortion over the past several years, things aren’t entirely black and white in this arena of cybercrime. Amidst the noise of ubiquitous ransomware incursions, people started forgetting that Internet-borne blackmail isn’t restricted to file-encrypting malware alone. In fact, perpetrators have plenty of other resources on … Read more →

Best 5 VPN You Must Try

There are many various benefits to using a VPN when browsing the Internet, which is why more and more people are starting to do just that. A VPN will significantly increase the security of your connection by splitting all the data you transmit over the web into packets, using a process called encapsulation. This makes … Read more →

A Look at the Current Malware Preying on Surfers and How to Prepare

There was a time when average computer users were mostly concerned with sociopathic cyber threats that would erase data and cripple the operating system. Early computer viruses were mostly intended for cyber vandalism; however, the world of malicious software (malware) would eventually evolve into invasion of privacy, data theft, fraud, blackmail, and even extortion. According … Read more →