A Guide to the Top 3 Concepts of Blockchain Technology

Source: cryptosbeginner.com Blockchain technology is one of the hot topics now. Here are the three key concepts that will be useful if you are venturing into Blockchain applications development. 1. Smart Contracts With an ever-increasing number of organizations putting resources into blockchain innovations, it is fundamental for associations to dive further into a smart contract … Read more →

3 Techniques for Managing Risk in the Crypto Market 

Trading cryptocurrency can be an extremely lucrative activity for a skilled trader. The volatile nature of the market is a trader’s dream, given the high number of trading opportunities that exist on any given day. However, trader’s can often get burnt trying to make money trading the market, and the major reason for this is … Read more →

Three Market Trading Strategies for Crypto

Cryptocurrency trading is by far the most lucrative activity that most people do in the cryptocurrency space. The volatile market produces numerous trading opportunities that can generate consistent returns for the most skilled traders. Being a skilled trader starts with having a strategy, and this strategy will differ from trader to trader. Here are some … Read more →

How can blockchain improve the supply chain?

In the past couple of years, Blockchain technology has emerged as a revolution for various industries. You’d be surprised to know that the blockchain’s business value would exceed $ 3.1 TN by 2030.  The high popularity of blockchain has allowed for the establishment of trust because of its shared public ledger. The supply chain is … Read more →

How to Secure Trading with Bitcoin

Here we share our tips for safe handling of bitcoins. 1) Choose a credible trader Read about the trader before you deposit your money – you do not want your money with a trader like GBL exchange and Bitcoin signals.  See our list of traders that we consider to be safe. 2) Enable 2-step authentication … Read more →

How blockchain will transform digital signage advertising.

If you have been investing or been following banking or cryptocurrency, then you must be aware of the term “blockchain,” the record-keeping technology behind Bitcoin. The other scenario that arises here is that you must have searched for the definition of bitcoin, which says, “Blockchain is a distributed, decentralized, public ledger.” The fun fact here … Read more →

Who Accepts Your Bitcoins?

  All of this information was provided by Bitvavo, a trading platform. If you are anything like the majority of people on this globe currently- you’re starting to get very comfortable with online shopping. Some retail industries have reported gains of over 800% when it comes to the demand for online items. Specifically, those related … Read more →

Did Cryptocurrency see COVID-19 coming?

The world watches with much anxiety to see just how much financial havoc COVID-19 will wreak on worldwide economies as growth is suspected to be at its worst since the year 2009, global shares shrug as the recession is imminent and thousands of lives are claimed worldwide by the infectious CoronaVirus outbreak. If we compare … Read more →

Governments that are already using Blockchain Technology

The strong functionality of blockchain technology has caught the eyes of different governments all over the world. However, few said that “blockchain is good while cryptos are bad” and for that number of countries have either banned or introduced strict crypto regulation. Many countries studying the potential of blockchain-based applications have started researching and implementing the solution for better utilization.  Today we are discussing governments … Read more →

How To File Cryptotaxes This Year

The International Revenue Service set the US Tax Season 2020 in motion starting on Jan. 27, for individual tax returns. This new year also brings many culminating developments in cryptocurrency taxation with strengthened investigative efforts.  According to a Notice published by the IRS, the general principles of taxation will apply the same for virtual currency … Read more →

Best Encrypted Messenger: The Best Tool For 2020!

We send and receive hundreds of messages every day. They include common messages for our friends and relatives, messages to our colleagues, as well as various promotional mailings. Today, we can’t imagine our life without a messenger. It is a necessary tool with which we can stay in touch almost around the clock. After all, … Read more →

The Future of Bitcoin

bWhen Bitcoin was first introduced to the world in 2009, nobody thought much of it. It is a virtual currency invented by someone called Satoshi Nakamoto; he/she was not a famous person and remains a mystery to date. However, crypto currency became a thing and people started to consider it as a feasible option for … Read more →