Cryptocurrency vs. Online Remittance Transfer Costs

November 11, 2019
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Online remittance costs Banks vs. online platforms Without a doubt, it’s much cheaper to use independent online platforms to send money internationally rather than your regular mainstream bank. Banks have already lost the battle for affordable international transfers. Such transfer costs on average $25 and can take 5 days to be delivered. Meanwhile, online platforms […]

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Learn How to Day Trade Cryptocurrency Using Achievable Goals

November 7, 2019
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If you set realistic goals for yourself when trading crypto, you can learn the process easier. Here is how to day trade cryptocurrency using goals. Have you ever wondered how to day trade cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency has recently exploded in popularity, encouraging many people to start day trading it. Because the value of it is so […]

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What is Bitcoin Mining and is it Profitable in 2019?

September 9, 2019

During 2017, cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, reached the pinnacle of their popularity. All of a sudden, people who you would consider to be the least tech-savvy, started using terms like tokens, ICOs and blockchain on a daily basis. Moreover, Bitcoin became a household name and everyone wanted to get a piece of the action. However, a […]

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What is the future of Cryptocurrencies in India?

September 8, 2019

Generally speaking, the future of Cryptocurrencies in India, as a whole, looks bleak. Soon, given the fact that the respected RBI served a ban on all cryptocurrencies, one may have to start identifying Bitcoin alternatives. There’s no rocket science theory in this. Owing to the fact that any virtual currency raises concerns about market integrity, […]

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6 Ways to Use Bitcoin 100% Anonymously

August 14, 2019

A lot of people believe that bitcoin transactions are anonymous per se. However, that’s not entirely true. Even though they do provide users with more anonymity than most fiat transactions, they are still not completely anonymous. But they can be! There are several simple measures you can take to ensure that your privacy is guaranteed, […]

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A Short history of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency

May 24, 2019

Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that are used by private individuals or groups of people. Most cryptocurrencies aren’t regulated by the national governments therefore they are recognised as another form of currency. Bitcoin is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies and it is the first to be used globally. Bitcoin has existed since 2009 although it […]

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Everything I Need to Know About Passive Investment

March 12, 2019

There are numerous ways to pile up your wealth. The availability of different investment strategies can propel you into achieving financial independence with you bond, stocks, mutual funds and real estate investments. They let you generate passive income with interest and dividends. In a broader perspective, when it comes to investing your money, there are […]

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Is It Still Possible to Make Money Through BitCoin in 2019?

February 26, 2019

Have you ever wondered why so many people are jumping on the cryptocurrency bandwagon, and have you ever asked yourself if it’s possible to actually make money from it? Bitcoin’s value can be converted into cash, so it’s a viable asset. Aside from that, however, there are numerous other ways to profit. If you’re still […]

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5 developments we can expect in blockchain tech in the next few years

December 7, 2018

A blockchain is an incredibly powerful shared global infrastructure, able to move value around and represent the ownership of property. It is named ‘blockchain’ because it comprises several transaction groups called ‘block’, with the ‘blockchain’ being the result of the linear sequence that these blocks form. All blocks are cryptographically linked to one another in […]

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Several Ways Cryptocurrencies Can Be Used Today

November 13, 2018

Cryptocurrencies represent a paradigm shift in the financial sector, with many implications and big impacts probably yet to come or be discovered. Yet, besides their theoretical value, there are a number of scenarios in which cryptocurrencies can be useful to the average person already today: ensuring privacy/anonymity when using specific online services; maximally anonymizing purchases; […]

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Should My Business Accept Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency as Payment?

September 20, 2018

Over the last year the value and interest in cryptocurrency like bitcoin has skyrocketed, and with that people have started asking more and more questions about the potential pros and cons of the potential global currency. Many of the people wondering about cryptocurrency are those in the world of business as they work to determine […]

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Earn $100,000 using your cat – future of Blockchain gaming

May 22, 2018

Every tech giant in the past had a digital game to support brand’s value and showcase it’s true potential. Social networks had FarmVille, mobile games had Angry Birds. Being the next big thing, Blockchain isn’t an exception. Introducing CryptoKitties – a digital version of Pokemon card game and the first real decentralized Blockchain gaming experience. […]

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Block Chains – Risks, Lies and Hype

May 2, 2018

1. Risks Forking A fork is what happens when a blockchain diverges into two potential paths forward — either with regard to a network’s transaction history or a new rule in deciding what makes a transaction valid. Some forks resolve on their own, but others, fueled by deep rifts in a community, can cause a […]

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The Imperative Role of Blockchain Technology across Various Domains

May 1, 2018

Blockchain technology is a rapidly growing technology which is turning heads for millions in the crypto currency industry. Many organizations have been investing in it and testing its abilities in hopes of finding incredible results. In layman’s terms, blockchain technology is a form of a shared ledger which is accessible to the general public through […]

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How is Blockchain Technology Reshaping Enterprise World?

March 24, 2018

Blockchain, the technology that entered the market as the backbone of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, is now eking out space in a wide range of industries and fields. The technology is gradually disrupting different business verticals, such as Finance, Supply Chain, Healthcare, Real Estate, Media, Entertainment, Government, etc. Blockchain technology is not just adding value to […]

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TechPatio now blogs about Cryptocurrency – also open for guest authors

March 22, 2018

Blockchain and cryptocurrency has become more and more mainstream in recent years and we can also feel the interest is rising. Therefor we have decided to create a new category here on TechPatio, called Cryptocurrency. In this new category we will blog about crypto related things, including blockchain, Bitcoin, altcoins etc. Guest authors are of […]

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What is Bitcoin?

March 21, 2018

It’s hard not to hear about Bitcoin – the cryptocurrency has been grabbing international headlines for the past six months. Price surges have seen early investors reap serious rewards, causing a flood of money into the market. But many people still have one question: What is Bitcoin? In essence, Bitcoin is an exchangeable digital currency […]

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National Cryptocurrencies 101

March 12, 2018

Every beginning trader prefers to invest in top 5 – 10 cryptocurrencies. The more globally widespread a currency is, the higher its liquidity and the lower its volatility. Nevertheless, there are quite a few altcoins whose target audience is deliberately limited. These are cryptocurrencies with regional branding created to solve specific local tasks. Even now […]

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Why the Bitcoin Bubble Is Bad for Gaming

February 13, 2018

A bubble happens when people expect too much of the future value of an asset. In the case of bitcoin, its value has greatly inflated over the years, from less than a dollar in 2009 to more than $8,000 today. But how does the bitcoin bubble affect other industries? Truth is, it affects all major […]

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How governments are reacting to the rise of cryptocurrencies

January 12, 2018

The rapid rise and growth of cryptocurrencies in 2017 has prompted governments around the world to take a closer look at cryptocurrencies as well as the blockchain technology which provides the backend for this revolutionary form of digital currency. Governments across the world have certain rules and regulations put in place to control transactions occurring […]

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Review: Dave Bitcoin and

April 21, 2017

Today I want to give a quick shout-out to “Dave Bitcoin”. I follow the tech industry close and love everything tech-related, even Bitcoins. So obviously I had some Bitcoins from long ago, for which I unfortunately had forgotten my wallet password. The Bitcoins were now gone. The horror! Or were they…? I was under the impression […]

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Web Currency Bitcoin Leaves Many Scratching Their Heads

August 29, 2011

There’s an interesting market that’s opened up lately and it has left many people scratching their heads: Bitcoins. Bitcoins are a type of currency. Most every country has their own currency or has adopted another country’s money as their own. These real-world currencies are backed by central banks, governments, and other organizations that give the […]

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