Cybercriminals Attacking Critical Infrastructure

July 12, 2012

Hi-tech attacks can really unplug this economy. Forget about the gas prices soaring and food prices spiking because the new threat to the economy is now emerging. The problem Hackers are now attacking vital American industries that are growing quick. That includes cyber attacks on oil and gas facilities, power plants or water supply. And […]

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Cops Combat Crime with New Wireless Android Technology

January 18, 2012

As cell phone technology continues to mature, the new generation Android phones are being used by police agencies to combat crime on many fronts. Applications that provide internet access do not always require a user’s permission to share that information and law enforcement has their own applications that can take advantage of what many see […]

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How To Use Facebook To Fake An Alibi

November 19, 2009

This is a true story, folks! Robert Bradford, a teenager from New York, can send his regards to Facebook for him not being sent to jail. On October 17th he wrote a Facebook status update, from his father’s computer in Harlem, “Where’s my pancakes”. The day later he was arrested, for a robbery commited around […]

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