Switzerland Says “No Thanks, We’ll Sue You” To Google Street View

by Klaus on November 16, 2009

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google_logoGoogle started shooting pictures of the streets in Switzerland this summer for their Google Street View service. The local authorities didn’t like that one bit (no pun intended) and the Swiss commissioner for federal data protection, Hanspeter Thür, told Google to stop whatever they were doing!

Google didn’t obey the request and continued their drive-by-shooting. Now Hanspeter Thür intends to sue Google, to make them stop.

The Swiss has a very strict personal data protection act which, according to Thür, Google does not do enough to keep up with. For instance, Google uses software to blur faces on the pictures, but the software is not 100% effective.

What Thür wants, is for Google to blur all faces, license plates, remove pictures of closed gardens and private roads as well as warning citizens in the neighborhood 1 week in advance when Google intend to drive by to take pictures.

Google is working on a better version for face recognition and blurring.

More information: Swiss privacy watchdog to sue Google Street View.

I wouldn’t want to miss more of those pictures so I hope Switzerland will let Google continue shooting: Top 10 Moments Caught on Google Maps Street View.

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