5 Reasons Why Google is About to Kick Ass with the Chromebook

It is not really surprising that Google has released the first real cloud experience with the launch of the Chromebook. There are mixed reviews, reports, comments, discussions and opinions flying around. Whatever anyone has to say, it probably won’t even matter. The Chromebook will work, and it will get its piece of the market once a few real user reviews start to come out. It won’t be all consuming and powerful like the release of Windows 8 activation through download, but let’s have a sensible look at what Google is doing.

1: Could even be a demo

Google is big enough, makes enough cash, and has the strength to do something like this, even if their end goal is not for it to be stand-alone success. It is a working demonstration of what total cloud computing is, a huge demonstration of Google’s ability to create a full working online platform can do, is supported with loads of apps they have been developing for a long time, and here it is. As they tell you from the start, it will constantly improve (as there is actually nothing on it, and it is all about them improving what is available on the web).

There could be a number of reasons why they are putting this device out there now, and one of them does not have to be an attempt at trying to take over the PC and OS market.

2: We all live in the browser

When you stop and think about it, most of us are spending 90% of our time in a browser doing something when we work anyway. If you have a Google account and Gmail, you are probably aware of the fact you don’t need to use software such as Microsoft Office, for quite some time.

Once you start using Google Docs, you really don’t like the idea of having a document that is a file on your own computer and to share that with anyone you need to send the file as an attachment. If you don’t know what Google Docs is, it is time for you to get a Gmail account and find out what it is.

3: Google Account Users

Google Account users will have an immediate understanding of what the Chromebook is. There is not much explaining needed for them. That is still a large proportion of the world’s internet users. They will not have any mental adjustment to make to use one. Other users might feel strange at the beginning. Younger people tend to move onto the next thing fast.

4: Security

The Chromebook has a totally new approach to online security. Sandboxing is a new strategy, and this demonstration will be crucial for Google. Security is the number one issue for everyone when they are on the web, and it is the number one fear on a macro-social perspective in relation to the introduction of cloud computing. Google is seriously vying for their piece of the cloud pie, and a very big and important pie that is going to be.

5: Market share through device

While other companies such as Amazon and Apple are approaching the cloud computing market through a service, the Chromebook is obviously Google’s tool for penetration. It seems a pretty simple, and yet intelligent strategy. Based on what we have seen from Google since it was born, this is not very surprising. Supply users with a device, and using that means they will automatically be using Google’s cloud services – from the point they turn it on.

Windows 8, the next huge thing in the world of computers is still some time off. Google didn’t wait around to get a jump on the market. You might even get a Chromebook just to use when you are on the road, to give the kids, to use in the lounge room. Google will be offering Chromebooks to schools and businesses on a subscription basis at US$20 a month per unit for students, and US$28 for businesses, over three years, including all software and hardware updates. That is very comparable to buying a new machine every year and all that software you need to with any other option. Have a think about what they are doing… very smart move Google.

20 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Google is About to Kick Ass with the Chromebook”

  1. But the only problem remains, you cannot use it unless you are connected to the net. That means if you are in an airplane, say goodbye to Chromebook 🙁

    • I would assume (hope) that Google figured something out for offline storage so that you at least can get something done when there’s no internet connection…. or no?

      • Hm..good question. Last time I checked, you can only use it if it’s online – but then again, I haven’t read about an update when it was released

        • I was on a southwest flight a few months ago and they actually had satellite wifi and it was only 5 bucks for the whole flight. It was the fastest 4 hour flight I ever had. I would be willing to bet that in the next 12 to 18 months that is going to be pretty standard on most planes.

          Plus other than on an airplane, I would imagine you could get online with a verizon mifi card and basically have internet access anywhere you have a phone connection. So for the road warrior, getting access to the internet shouldn’t be much of a problem.

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  3. Pretty powerful one when you are always connected at the internet. But if not, then it is close to being not that useful. As what you guys said, I hope GOOGLE can figure out ways to make this Chromebook pretty powerful at offline mode as well.

  4. If they install a cell antenna, like iPads do, then you can connect to the internet almost anywhere (anywhere you can get cell coverage). And most domestic flights now have WiFi, so really the places that you won’t be able to connect to the internet are few and far between.

  5. Yes, if they can offer an offline mode for it, then I’m sold. I already live in Google, and I couldn’t stand it if I didn’t have Google Docs! I don’t know how I functioned before it. =)

    And Angry Birds? ‘Nuff said. (just kidding…kinda)


  6. I have been considering Goolge’s Chromebook as a laptop option. I agree with Delena that if it had offline mode, I’d be all for it.

  7. I live in Google too, but is Google within Microsoft Windows. I do really hope for offline storage as sometimes, storing some large files can be a problem via internet. Not all countries have a good internet connection anyway.

  8. The problem with a New OS will be Drivers. so no installing your Printer, Phone, Camera Drivers. Also no installing major programs like Dreamweaver, Itunes, Etc.

  9. This sounds great, as far as having something to browse the web. It’ll be tough to compete against the ipad then. I don’t see how a power user could really make this work?

  10. I can see this as being a potential must-have for high school and college students. I’m going to have look up “Sandboxing”….that’s a new one for me. And $28/mo subscription is more than feasible.

  11. google is a dominant player in the industry and i think whatever it launches that becomes a mega hit, the chromebook is the next generation gadget and i am looking to fetch my hands over it very soon…thanks for the article posted!

  12. These are quite good reasons why chromebook will definitely kick an ass. Google is definitely one the most widely used tool by students with regards to their academics so i can not see any possibility that this chromebook won’t work. 🙂

  13. how bout gaming?? will it catch up with the high specs that other companies provide for gaming addicts? and would it be compatible with all the programs, I think this Chrome book will face lots of obstacle, anyways google has enough money to spend for the it, so we’ll just see it then when its already out… hope it could match up with leading pc and books companies though

  14. I have had the priveledge of using Chromebook and think it’s a great concept. Anybody who doesn’t see the potential is missing a few tricks, because as noted in a comment above planes are increasingly adopting WIFI as standard.

  15. Chrome OS is great, however ‘Chromebooks’? I do not see the real-world point; Chrome OS can be installed on any laptop / desktop computer, so buying dedicated hardware is a little bit counter-productive in my book.

    Buy an Ultrabook and dual-boot Windows 8 and Chrome OS, that’s the best of both world with significant hardware too.


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