Cheating Hacks Nobody’s Told You About

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Cheating has somehow become part of the video gaming culture. Almost everyone who plays a casual computer or video game knows a cheat or two. There’s nothing wrong with this as long as caution is observed. It is important to be careful with the hacks employed to avoid ruining the game or the device used to play.

However, there are excellent cheats you may have not tried yet. These effective cheats are not well-known or are often ignored and disregarded because they don’t seem to make sense to others or because they’re too basic that nobody bothers doing them. The following are some of these interesting cheats you should try.


If you are playing games on Facebook, multitasking is one technique you may have not tried yet. It is very helpful in building up experience points or XP in a game. To do this, you need to run multiple instances of the game in several tabs. Basically, you need a web browser that features tabbed browsing such as Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. Also, this cheat only works with online games playable on web browsers.

An example of a game where this cheat works is Miscrits. You can open multiple Miscrits fights simultaneously and quickly increase your XP with several fights running in different tabs.

Fake Profiles

This cheat is not something anybody would have told you because it presumably comes to common sense. If a game allows you to get extra lives or more points through the help of a Facebook friend, what’s stopping you from creating a fake profile to help yourself? You always have the choice to set up a brand new Facebook account with a fake name and other details. You can then “send gifts” or some other form of assistance to you through this fake account.

It is even possible to create as many fake accounts as you like. The game will unlikely detect that you are using a fake account to help yourself. Repeat the process as many times as  you deem it necessary. Of course, this defeats the idea of social games being “social,” but who cares when you achieve the scores you’ve always desired.

Real Life Trickery

Cheating doesn’t even have to be about special keystrokes or other similar efforts to exploit software loopholes or manipulate a game’s software. It could be through the mental manipulation of other players. If you think your opponents are gullible enough, you can play your tricks and see how they work.

For example, you can trick your opponents to press certain keys to log them out of the game to make you win by default. Most computer users know that Ctrl+W closes a window, logging players out of the game. However, not many realize that Ctrl+(some other letter)+W also produces the same result. You can tell your opponents that you’re letting them obtain some points from you by pressing “Ctrl+A+W.” They’ll unlikely realize that they’ll be logging themselves out of the game by doing it.

Well of course this is being unfair. But cheating is indeed being unfair and you’re just trying to be true to what the word really means.

Cheat Engine and Other Similar Tools

If you don’t have codes to use, you can actually use the tools to forcibly change the game itself. The open source Cheat Engine and other similar tools can be employed to change the way a game works. This is only applicable on single player games, though. This is intended for those who make it their pride having achieved ridiculously high scores for games such as Bejeweled, 3D Pinball, Bookworm, or Text Twist. Who needs the cheats described in [tp lang=”en” only=”y”][/tp][tp not_in=”en”][/tp] when you can directly tamper with Coin Dozer scores in an instant?

If you are not really up to the enjoyment of playing a game and you just want to get something done, these cheating options can definitely be useful to you. However irrational these methods are, if you just want instant results, there’s nothing to stop you to do whatever. There are many cheating tools available online. You just have to be careful not to use one that can damage or introduce malware to your computer or device.

Guest article written by: Jimmy R thinks it is more enjoyable playing video games without cheats but when push comes to shove, he’s got TONS of cheats up his sleeve!

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