City Building Games for the Tyrant in You

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Image courtesy of khunaspix /

Old school gamers will remember the first time they played a city building game. Most likely, that game was Sim City (released in 1989).

These games were such a departure from the games of the time because of its concept. Builder games focused more on open-ended play. And with this type of gameplay, you can practically do anything you wish.

Are you starting to get bored with the usual games you find online or on your mobile device? Consider playing city building games for a change. It’s a good way for you to release your inner tyrant. Here’s how city building games do it:

City Building Games grant you omnipotence

When you play city building games, the view you get is from the top looking down. It’s like you’re a fleeting presence upon the heavens looking down on his creations. From this perspective, you will really feel like a god.

These games start you off with an empty space to build on. As the builder, your task is to build, build and build. If you planned it well, people will start populating your city. And you go from there. How and what you build affects the lives of your electronic citizens. You can purposely screw things up just to see how miserable they can get. Or you can do a good job and see your game progress.

Although you get to play like a god, most city building games set limitations (in terms of resources and time) to make the gameplay more exciting. But you wouldn’t be very-godlike indeed if you can’t control your resources. Good thing there are cheat codes and hacks for city building games like Megapolis (Find  out all about Megapolis Cheats and Tricks here: [tp lang=”en” only=”y”][/tp][tp not_in=”en”][/tp]).

City Building Games are not about winning or losing

The game is more about continuous building rather than vanquishing bosses or achieving high scores. City building games differ from other games in that you’re already a winner the second you start playing. You just have to maintain your winning status by making sure your city is a well-managed place. There are some games that require the builder to achieve set conditions in order to unlock certain game features.

City Building Games test how well you organize and manage

These games are good simulations for organization, planning and management. By playing these games, you’ll start thinking and acting like a real mayor of a city. You don’t only think about where to build but also why you’re building it there. On top of that, these games require players to manage resources. Players who have the potential to be great managers tend to do very well in these games.

City Building Games also test your ingenuity

There are no set rules in city building games. This makes it largely open-ended. Where the game takes you pretty much depends on what decisions you made earlier. Therefore, city building games provide players with countless possibilities. By using their creativity and ingenuity, players can craft a gaming experience that’s totally unique. No two players will have the same experience because each player is different. In city building games, you are only limited by your imagination and ingenuity.

City Building Games let you destroy (and let you build all over again)

This is perhaps the greatest feature that city building has. You can actually act like a tyrant and start destroying things. And it’s not just simply demolishing buildings. These games understand that players want a more dramatic way of destroying. That’s why they let players destroy their creations in a number of ways, from a Godzilla-like monster attack to powerful twisters to meteor showers. It doesn’t get more dramatic than that.

Whenever they get the urge to destroy, players just go ahead and click their mouse. There are no untoward consequences when destroying stuff in city building games because you can just rebuild them all over again.

Download a city building game now and lose yourself to its awesome possibilities. It’s a great way for you to kill time. Every session of city building in these games offers up a different experience each time. They’re so engrossing that a lot of people are starting to lose sleep because of them.

Guest article written by: Jimmy R. is a highly respected game blogger. He’s an avid writer who loves to write about anything and everything under the sun.

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