Confessions Of An Online Gamer – Why Cheating Is Irresistible

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Many of the web searches related to mobile games today involve tips, tricks, and cheats. Yes, many want to improve their scores or pass through difficult game levels by scouring the Internet for useful information. But is this the right thing to do? Isn’t cheating taking away the fun in playing mobile games?

Fortunately, for avid mobile game players  cheating is not really viewed as something that makes it less enjoyable to play.

There are many reasons why the ability to cheat games and the multitude of sites that offer cheats and tips are an advantage, not a drawback. Some of the reasons are as follows:

1. Cheating keeps players from overspending for mobile games.

Because of the ability to cheat games, it is unnecessary to shell out bucks just to extend lives or obtain more points, coins, and other whatchamacallits to advance to the next game level. Most games are created to be monetized. They are strategically designed to entice players to spend when they are unable to clear around or complete a task or challenge.

Naturally, you may end up ruining your day when you are unable to finish the game because of some hurdle that can be solved by money. With the help of cheats, you can proceed with the game without having to spend a dough. You can go to [tp lang=”en” only=”y”][/tp][tp not_in=”en”][/tp], for example, so you don’t have to pay for more lives.

There’s nothing wrong about games being monetized. The monetization scheme is there to support developers, especially those who create their games independently. However, gaming obsession can lead to addiction and overspending. That’s why it really helps being able to cheat games every once in a while.

2. Sometimes certain mobile game levels are just too difficult to clear.

What would you feel if you have been playing a certain game level for the hundredth time but you are still unable to complete it? At the least, you will be frustrated. Before you end up leaving the game or throwing your device away, it wouldn’t hurt cheating a little. If you spent some $0.99 for the game, leaving it just because you got frustrated on one level or stage does not make sense.

If you have to cheat to be able to continue with the game, there should be nothing wrong with that. Mobile games are not school exams you have to be completely honest with. You can still continue enjoying the game by addressing the frustration over the difficult parts. Just be sure that you don’t overdo the cheating.

3. Cheating can be used to skip game bugs or erratic parts.

There are some mobile games that have problems with their coding that certain parts don’t work or are proceeding erratically. For these instances, cheating can be heaven-sent. If these bugs prevent you from going to the next level, cheating should be justified and you should be able to play and enjoy the game further.

4. For some, cheating makes the game more enjoyable.

This may sound weird but it isn’t. Many gamers like having the feeling of being a god in their game world. Lifting restrictions on life and the number of tries possible creates an invincible game character that would appeal to some gamers. For some, the game becomes more fun as it becomes easier.

By becoming invincible in the game, a player gets to be more adventurous. Taking away the limitations or restraints that force players to be very careful and calculating can be a boon for some players.

5. Explore new possibilities in the game by cheating.

If you have been playing one game and it’s already becoming boring, you can try to cheat to explore new possibilities. After you have completed a game, you may want to find “easter eggs” or surprises by making yourself invincible and exploring new routes.

As long as you don’t overdo it, cheating shouldn’t be able to take away the fun of playing mobile games. It can even be helpful in some areas. You can still enjoy gaming while cheating by addressing difficulties or problems you encounter in the game.

Guest article written by: Jimmy R is more than just an avid gamer. He loves playing a lot of mobile games, especially new ones, to come up with tips, tricks, and cheats that he can share with other gamers.

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