Google vs Your Blog – How to Make Friends with Google

Most bloggers will strive to entice Google to like their blogs. In the past few years, Google has implemented some changes and the fact that Google’s changing algorithm has made many industries enter a state of shock. If you do the basic SEO things for your website, such as creating powerful content and excellent marketing campaign, you still need some smarter SEO techniques to get your website ranked higher.

Google has not really changed its objectives, and still wants to give its users the best, and that is why its algorithms are designed to simplify the way users search for content. Most of the new techniques used by Google are designed to eliminate the garbage that limits user search experience on the Internet. Now you will ask yourself, what are those key things you must keep in mind if you truly want to get Google on your side? Here are the 6 most important things to remember:

Understand Your Audience

Know your audience and create content for them, likewise, you need to help solve their problems. You have to obtain feedback from your users in order to be sure of their experience on your site. Make changes that will enhance navigation. You can make use of the sites like to avoid average mistakes that bloggers make on their sites. Transform your site from a good one to awesome to get the best result.

Provide Excellent Content

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Create original high-quality content in different formats (texts, videos, and images), even if you have to criticize what others have written before. Make your content sharable with buttons such as “Like”, “Share”, “Comment”, “Tweet” and even make use of “Google+1” button. Provide great content regularly as consistency will boost your crawling rate on Google . Prepare and post one or two quality posts on your site on a daily basis. Google’s crawler will return to your site when a fresh content has been posted.

Create a Sitemap

Your sitemap is the XML doc located on the server of your website and this feature provides a listing of every page of your blog or website. XML provides the URLs of your pages, and you can submit this to Google webmaster to increase the presence of Google crawler on the site. Sitemaps always inform a search engine when a new post has been made, and to generate this site map, you can use the tools like WordPress plugins such as XML sitemaps for Google.


Optimize Your Website or Blog

Every blogger wants to direct traffic to their sites but when SEO (search engine optimization) is done the wrong way, your site may become a spam, and you may not achieve your desired results. When SEO is properly done, the positive result is ongoing and not immediate. The topic you cover on your site will determine your results in search engine, therefore if you write about the automobile, finance, and web hosting, for instance, you must be prepared to face stiff competition. In this case, you need to focus on your region (for instance SEO in Edmonton, Canada). Be careful of those topics that are highly competitive because most websites wouldn’t make it past the second page of Google search engine. If your website topic is obscure with little or no competition, you may end up in top search engine pages and that is if you have implemented solid SEO strategies.

Engage in Social Media

You need to sign up on social media networks with your blog’s name as your username. Major search engines can index your website easily when you are on social media networks. You need to be consistent with the use of your website name on social media networks especially on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Google+. You need to link your blog posts to Google + personal profile and some other specific pages of your website.

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Participate in Blogging Communities

In order to facilitate the indexing of your website on Google, you need to search for high ranking websites and blogs. This means that Google will have no option but to index your website as you link yourself with those high-ranking websites and blogs. Some of the most prominent high-ranking blogging communities today include MyBlogLog, Blogged, BlogCatalog, and Klinkk.

You must not wait for the traffic to come to your website, simply register on the websites above and make sure you list your blog or site in the proper category.

Guest article written by: Raymond Stokes is a passionate hitchhiker and traveler, digital marketing specialist and start-up organizer at Essay Dune. Follow him on Twitter.

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