Top 5 Popular Apps of the Future Technology Generation

popular apps of the future technology generationWe live in a digital world where digital environment is capturing more and more of our time. We live in a world where five year old kids use iPhones for games and applications, grandparents who already got used to Facebook, and let’s not forget about the millions of teenagers and mid-age individuals that are totally addicted to the modern technology.

How do you imagine the future? I see an amazing and continuous change from the present moment (the end of 2016 in our case), to an undecided amount of years. It’s important to note that the modern technology has had an enormous boost since 2000 until now. In 2001, Windows XP was a hot trend; there were no iPhones, no virtual reality, no nothing.

Fortunately and unfortunately, the digital era has arrived with benefits but also with plenty of disadvantages. Let’s focus a little bit on the current generation of teenagers. The youth generation is having an impact with today’s modern technology extremely early during their childhood.

They haven’t even learned the basic human skills, but they’re managing to communicate or play through the use of the smart digital devices. That only means that this tendency is evolving really quickly, up to a point where the “traditional playing” outside the house will become unknown to the future generations.

The Popularity and Usefulness of Today’s Digital Apps

A digital application is basically an online tool that serves a specific purpose. From Facebook to Uber, there are thousands of useful digital applications that can have different roles and purposes. Apps have become extremely popular as they are helping us create better lifestyles, manage tasks, and communicate effectively.

You won’t find a decent business that doesn’t have a professional tech-savvy workforce. Technology is everything nowadays; if you know how to take advantage of it, no matter in what field you work, you’ll find digital apps useful in plenty of ways.

The Future Use of Digital Applications

The future is going into a single direction, which is progress towards greater technology. It means that our next generations, our children and nephews, are going to live in a world which will be way different than what we have experienced and experiencing now.

Because the development is so intense nowadays, we can expect big changes in the digital application marketplace, too. There are many applications that are being exhausted really quickly, and therefore the new ones will arrive. What remains a distinct certainty is the fact that digital apps will serve our needs for a long, long time.

Nowadays, there are few applications that could be considered the “next level stuff”, and that means that they’ve become giants on the marketplace. I’m talking about Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and many others. When you become a “king”, you’ll rule for good until someone replaces you.

Even though I believe in the fact that new applications may come out and replace the most popular ones, I can still guarantee that the following applications will remain popular amongst the future generations.

Top 5 Future Trending Digital Apps

The choices were made after some in-depth analytics of many critical factors that may influence the decline of the popular applications. After some tests, we’ve concluded that the following 5 digital applications will remain extremely relevant for the next generation of children and teenagers, and not only.

1. Facebook Messenger (Instant & Efficient Communication)

Communication is a basic need that has to be satisfied each and every day. We, as humans, need that connection between each other in order to feel good, happy, and accomplished. On the other side, we need communication in order to produce, organize, and build more opportunities through the use of this basic human skill.

Facebook Messenger doesn’t fail to deliver the amazing possibilities of communicating instantly through instant messages. From individuals to businesses, millions are using Facebook messenger in order to communicate clearly and effectively. This will be an app that will stay popular in the future for sure. Or at least until Facebook goes down!

2. iTunes Podcasts (Learning, Music, More)

You must have heard of iTunes podcasts; if you haven’t, then quickly check it out here. If you’re a development-oriented person, you will find iTunes extremely relevant for your needs. By using this digital service, you can get a hold of some extremely useful audio content, all made by professionals.

People will always learn new things. Skills, information, wisdom, and whatever it is, there will still be a huge demand for educational audio materials. Moreover, Apple is still extremely powerful nowadays and will continue to be as the company has established itself as one of the giants of the digital apps industry.

3. LinkedIn (Communication, Instant, Connections, Careers)

If you ever want to connect with professionals from all around the world, you should visit LinkedIn social network. It is the biggest social platform dedicated for professionals that wish to promote their services, or their companies. Either way, you can only win by joining LinkedIn and connecting with professional groups within your domain of activity.

Because even networking becomes more and more popular as the years pass, you’ll definitely see LinkedIn among the most popular future social media tools. Another amazing feature of LinkedIn is the live status updates that are happening in real time. People use LinkedIn to share news, company updates, job opportunities, and more other valuable things.

4. Instagram (Pictures, Memories, Albums, Communication)

Jack Brady, HR and social media manager at AustralianWritings suggests that Instagram will remain one of the most useful apps for keeping memories and maintaining friendships. For now, people tend to use Instagram more for showing off pictures that go beyond the “Facebook standard”.

When you post a half-naked crazy photo of you, your mom, dad, uncle, sister, and grandfather can see it in a matter of minutes. Facebook has become too mainstream, and that’s why Instagram has become a better choice among nowadays teenagers. And it will continue to remain the same, as Instagram’s demographics tend to progress towards younger audiences.

5. Tinder (Communication and Romance)

As you can probably notice, all of the digital apps that we have selected have something to do with communication. Tinder, for example, is an application that connects people in romantic and sexual ways. In the US, Tinder is mostly used and perceived as a “hook-up finder”, and whoever falls in love, good for them. In most of the European countries, Tinder tends to get a different applicability, as the mentalities of Europeans are different.

Still, we believe that Tinder is an extremely popular dating application that solves more human needs at once. It will remain popular in the future market for sure, and you can expect to see improvements in their application.


Technology is a truly essential aspect of our everyday lives. This aspect won’t change in the nearest future for sure, and I believe that it counts even for the long term future. As we’re progressing towards a development zone, it can only work in that direction.

Applications, as you have definitely noticed, are also an important part of our lives; we use them everywhere, at any time. In order to make your life easier, start using the most useful apps on the market and enjoy them in the meanwhile.

Guest article written by: Jessica Freeman is a professional journalist and a freelance content writer from Sydney, Australia. She enjoys writing about education, business, online marketing, and technology. You can follow her on Facebook and Google+.

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