7 Amazing Tools for Finding Similar Images on Android

Duplicate files accumulate in different forms on your device and consume a lot of device storage. Further, this unnecessary junk on your device also affects your device performance negatively. Here, cleaning of this digital junk manually could be a cumbersome job thus we suggest you use best duplicate photo remover tools for instant and effective results. Let’s discuss some of these tools here.

Duplicate Photos Fixer: Duplicate Photos Fixer offers flexible scan modes to help you find and delete all identical image files instantly and accurately. These scan modes include full scan, camera images and select folder. Once it completes scanning your device storage, it helps you preview results in groups for easy deletion and management of image files. It usually displays scan results in auto-mark format to save your time and reduce manual efforts of selecting duplicate files. You can use its match level option to set the matching level to find similar and exact looking files.


Duplicate Photo Video Remover: Use this smart duplicate photo finder tool to scan, detect and remove identical images, songs, videos and contacts on your device storage. It not only helps you find and remove replicated images & videos from your device internal storage, but you can also use this tool to de-duplicate external storage devices as well. It also works as a media cleaner for files that you share through WhatsApp. In addition to that, you can use this app to reduce clutter in your contact list & address book. It displays scan results in groups for easy viewing & management. In other options, it offers auto-mark scan results, ignoring certain files, save session and more.


Search Duplicate File (SDF): SDF performs a deep cleaning of your device where it scans deep inside the folders and subfolders to find and delete all identical files. Using this tool, you can find and delete all types of duplicate files including photos, videos, music files and more. It offers a locking folder option where you can exclude any folder from the scan process to keep the content untouched. This smart tool supports smart-selector which helps you distinguish between original and duplicate accurately. In other features, you can exclude search results, rename search results, filter search results, save & restore search results, delete cache, delete temp files and more.


DupX: DupX helps you optimize your device storage by removing junk accumulated on your device in the form of duplicate files. It works on simple & intuitive user interface and delivers a seamless experience. Here, you can search files selectively based on file type and scan through your complete device storage to find all identical photos and other files. It offers built-in storage analyzer to help you snapshot your storage usage. Its visual search option displays a snapshot of all image files on your device to help you understand which files are of use. Further, it allows you to schedule scans including daily, weekly and monthly scans.


Find Duplicate Photo: Use this easy to use productive app to locate, display and delete all similar & exact match files in a jiffy. You can use this tool to find and delete photos taken in burst mode, HDR images, resized or other similar images. It helps you de-duplicate your device internal and external storage as required. It helps you scan and detect large number of duplicate files in a matter of minutes. It offers flexible scan modes, where you can select a specific location on your device or complete device storage to scan. In other features, it offers one-tap scan, simple & easy UI, display three different menus for media, documents and others.


Duplicate Photos Remover: This powerful tool is compatible with all Android devices. Using this tool, you can easily scan your photo gallery to find and remove all unnecessary copies of files. Duplicate Photos Remover supports internal & external storage to deliver more accurate results. Once it completes scanning, it displays results in groups for easy viewing and management. It also auto-mark results to reduce manual efforts of selecting files to delete. You can also use this tool to search and delete duplicate files selectively.


Duplicates Remover: Use Duplicates Remover to find and delete all identical photos, audio & music files, videos and more with just a single click. You can use this tool to identify all similar and exact match photos from your gallery and remove them to recover valuable storage space. It displays group wise results for better management. Here, you can delete all selected files or remove the entire batch. It displays you the path where duplicate files are stored and helps you delete them instantly. It also helps you clean WhatsApp media and other social media apps content.


So, these are some of the best duplicate image remover tools that you can use to de-duplicate your device storage effectively. If you know more such tools, then feel free to comment below.

Metadata: If your Android device is full of digital junk accumulated in the form of duplicate image files then it’s time to get rid of it. Here, you can use best duplicate photo cleaner tools for instant and effective results.

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  1. Hi Emily,

    Great list of Apps. These are some really nice Apps to get rid of duplicate photos which can eat up lot of space of your smart phone. By deleting duplicate photos you can save lot of space which can be used for other necessary Apps.

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  2. Useful post as usual, Emily. Duplicate files consume a lot of storage on your device and some unnecessary files may harm your device, so it is very necessary to delete duplicate and unnecessary files on your device.

    Here, happy to know about the apps to find duplicate files on the Android device. With the help of one of the apps that you have featured in this post we can easily find duplicate files and delete it.

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  3. I just love the DupX app, much better than the google junk removal app. Also tried file master but DupX is great and better than any other app right now.


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