What to Expect When Starting a SaaS Marketing Agency 

by Klaus on March 16, 2020

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Deciding to start your own SaaS marketing agency is a difficult endeavor, but once you have made the decision to move forward in this industry, then you need to understand what to expect in this field. There are numerous facets to the SaaS industry that you need to be prepared for, from garnering clients to creating strategies, and so much more. Learning about the SaaS industry requires understanding what clients will expect from your SaaS marketing agency, and understanding the basics of the field should allow you to set your expectations. 

Garnering Clients is Difficult

One of the biggest misconceptions that SaaS marketing agencies often encounter is that they think they will easily be able to garner clients. This is simply not true, as the SaaS industry is not incredibly large, and there are only a limited number of clients available in the field. You need to start small, and go after minor enterprises in the SaaS field that may not have any experience with a marketing agency. Client outreach is challenging, and once you do find clients, you need to ensure that you retain them. This will require you to create pricing plans, including monthly retainers, that ensure clients will stick with your company. You will have to gain clients’ trust, and having an excellent sales team will ensure that this is possible.

Growing Your Skillset is Valuable

Once you have created a client base, it is imperative that your company grows their skillset. This means that you will have to invest in employees, software, and more that will aid in constantly increasing your company’s skills and services offered. From SEO, to content marketing, to website optimization, you need to have a business that can offer a variety of services if you want to retain clients in the SaaS industry and gain more. You need to invest in organic marketing efforts, so your company can work towards building a more valuable enterprise. 

Building a Solid Team is Imperative

One of the most important facets of building a SaaS marketing agency is to have a top-tier team that will help your business to grow and succeed. When hiring employees, you need to ensure that they are highly trained and will be of value to your business. Understanding their skillsets and what they can offer you is critical. You also need to have a team that works well together, as teamwork is one of the most valuable assets in a marketing agency. Working on relationships throughout your company is crucial, and working with them in a hands-on approach will ensure your company’s success. Forging personal relationships within your company will ensure that classic friction points, for example between the marketing and sales departments, will become less of an issue.

Final Thoughts

There will be a myriad of challenges that you will face when starting a SaaS marketing agency, but tailoring your expectations will enable you to understand what is to come. Learning about the basics of the industry and understanding what the outlook will be will enable you to have a thriving agency. 

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