Salesmate vs. Pipedrive: Which CRM can help me grow my small budget startup

Customer relation management (CRM) is an integral part of a business model. It facilitates the companies to maintain productive relations with the loyal customers while opens channels of communication for the prospective clients. Startup businesses can use CRM tools to expedite their customer acquisition efforts without spending too much time on it. You can automate … Read more →

Does Your Startup Need an Office?

In a 21st century, the idea of a digital workspace becomes more and more popular. In the U.S. alone about 45 percent of the entire workforce, telecommutes at least as a part-time. Still, no matter how enticing this idea may sound, there is a reason why so many people prefer working in an office. With … Read more →

The Real Cost of Launching a Startup

You’ve just decided to launch your own company? Congrats, mate! Still, before you go and get your brand registered and paint your trade name on the front door, it may be smart to pause for a moment and draw up a realistic cost estimate, just to stay on the financially safe side of the business … Read more →