Google Adds Multitouch To Nexus One

Google last week shipped an update to users of their $174.15 phone, Nexus One. The biggest new feature is probably support for multitouch in Maps, Browser and Gallery.

Google claims that units that ships with Android 2.1 are now so powerful that they are able to handle multi-touch and lots of users have wished for multitouch being added. On a side note, HTC had multitouch in their HTC Hero running Android 1.5….

Other features of this Android update is Google Goggles, Google Maps night mode and some 3G improvements.

I’ve heard that multitouch does not come to the HTC Tattoo due to hardware limitations. I cannot confirm this though, so don’t take my word for it just yet đŸ™‚ If you don’t already own a HTC Tattoo, you might want to read my HTC Tattoo posts from when I had an “iPhone Free Week”, using only a HTC Tattoo instead of my iPhone 3GS.

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