Video: iPad Stress Test by PC World

Just like with the iPhone, PC World has also done a stress test on the iPad, to see what it can take and what it cannot. The video starts out with PC World senior editor Tim Moynihan doing a Johanthan Ive parody, telling mostly bad things about the iPad. Even though people usually does not … Read more →

Official: 300,000 iPads Sold During First Day. I Want One!!

It’s official. Apple announced that they sold 300,000 iPads on opening day. The number includes pre-order pickups, deliveres to channel partners and walk-in sales at Apple Stores. With a starting price at $499 and 300,000 units sold, we’re looking at 150 million dollars spent on iPads… The 300,000 new iPad owners went ahead and downloaded … Read more →

Opera Mini 5 for iPhone Submitted to App Store – Don’t Hold Your Breath!

Norwegian software company, Opera, now has a Opera Mini 5 version ready for the iPhone. It has already been submitted to Apple for approval in the App Store, but I wouldn’t hold my breath to see it being approved anytime soon. I seem to remember having read that Apple doesn’t want applications that duplicates functions … Read more →

iPad: 120,000 Pre-Orders First 24 Hours. $75,000,000 Revenue. reports, based on calculations done by Investor Village, that 120,000 iPads were sold during the first day of iPad pre-orders. They estimate that 69% ordered the Wi-Fi only edition, while the storage capacity was almost equally divided with 33% each (16GB, 32GB, 64GB). Victor Castroll, an analyst with Valcent Financial Group, said: “Apple has … Read more →

Future Of Flash in iPhone/iPad? “Old Technology”, Says Steve Jobs

Yada yada yada, the iPhone doesn’t support Flash. Everybody knows that by now. If you follow Apple, or just tech news in general, you will also know that their new soon-to-be-released iPad doesn’t support Flash either, as Steve Jobs (by accident, I guess) demonstrated during the iPad keynote presentation. Personally I don’t care about Flash. … Read more →