Intuz’s Head of Strategy Featured in New Clutch Cloud Storage Security Survey

For many small businesses, cloud storage offers efficiency, data mobility, and greater security than they are able to implement in an on-premise solution. Yet, that security is only guaranteed if a small business is correctly using their cloud storage – including implementing additional security measures and following necessary regulations. Clutch, a B2B research, ratings, and … Read more →

Top 8 Questions to Ask Your Cloud Computing Provider

With the evolvement of cloud technology, each and every entrepreneur wants the best for their business. After all, it is helping businesses of all types and sizes streamline their operations. But yes, choosing the right cloud computing provider in Calgary can be a little tricky, as there are various factors that you need to consider. … Read more →

How to Know When Its the Right Time to Switch to the Cloud

More and more businesses are seeing the advantages of storing some of their information in a cloud environment, and infrastructure based in the cloud is starting to become commonplace. However, deciding whether migrating to a cloud-based system is cost effective or not is not always a simple answer. There are several factors that should be … Read more →

Why moving to Cloud Hosting is a Good Business Decision

Of late, businesses have accelerated exponentially due to the pioneering innovations in the technology sector, and cloud hosting is a powerful business enabler when it comes to metrics such as efficiency and flexibility. Cloud Hosting is just a name for storing and processing data online on virtual servers. It allows an unlimited number of machines … Read more →

MultCloud will Help You Manage Multiple Clouds

Nowadays, many technology companies have their cloud products. There are public and private clouds in the world. Some companies are born with cloud, such as Dropbox, MEGA. Some traditional computer companies released cloud products to attract more people and satisfy their users, for example: Microsoft OneDrive (former known as SkyDrive), Google Drive. There are also … Read more →

Private Cloud Security Considerations Guide

Security Implication for Private Cloud There is little or perhaps no surprise in the fact that cloud computing is taking the world by storm. Talk of the massive advantages that come with the model, in the form of convenient and on-demand access to a pool of configurable computing resources among others. In fact, cloud computing … Read more →

Top 10 Best Cloud Storage And File Sharing Services In 2016

Your PC or smartphone shouldn’t be the ones that carry heavy burdens when there are so many attractive online solutions on the market. Wouldn’t it be easier to upload your digital assets to cyberspace? Cloud storages can do that for you. There are more other advantages in store for you with these platforms, like having … Read more →

Why You Should Have Cloud Storage Unlimited

Online cloud storage services is something most of us need at this time and age. Fortunately, it’s something we can acquire at a very reasonable price point or even for free. From the free but limited free space accounts that are for syncing a couple of folders across multiple computers and other devices, to the … Read more →

Quelling the Cloud File Transfer Myths

Despite offering secure data transfer, full user controllability and more value for money, it seems that not all IT workers are convinced by cloud file sharing. A recent survey by Ponemon Institute found that IT workers were in fact skeptical of cloud file sharing services and believed that data breaches in the cloud could be … Read more →

5 considerations before going for cloud storage

Today everyone talks about cloud computing especially digital storage. There is also saying that you don’t need to carry your USB flash memory around anymore because your cloud storage is already your walking storage. Companies like Dropbox, Sugarsync, Amazon and many more are making good profit by selling cloud storage space to end users. So, … Read more →