Should You Build Your Own Software? 

There comes the point when every CEO or executive thinks to themselves to build or develop their own software. This is especially common if you’re already running an IT company and you think that your team will be less costly than outsourcing it to someone else.  However, there are a few variables that you need … Read more →

Introduction to the Software Types

Software is the brain of a computer. It allows the correct functioning of various devices (custom peripherals) that are connected to the computer and allows the user to solve certain tasks using the computer. In its absence, the computer (phone, tablet, etc.) will be just a metal box that does not perform any intellectual functions. … Read more →

How to Transfer OneDrive to OneDrive for Business – 2 Guaranteed Solution

Transfer OneDrive Data to OneDrive for Business – 2 Proven Ways Do you want to transfer OneDrive to OneDrive for business? If your answer is yes, then just go through this blog and find out the easiest steps to transfer OneDrive files to OneDrive for business without facing any difficulties. Let’s get started Before getting … Read more →

Appointment Management made easy using a Salon Software

Appointments are the heart & soul of a salon business. For your salon to take off, you need to have a consistent number of appointments or bookings every day. There is also a constant need to make the most of the time available by automating day-to-day routine tasks of the salon business. Taking the appointment … Read more →

UX Research Methods Product Teams Should Know

Product teams should definitely know usability testing and user interviewing. Do they really need dozens of other methods? Well, there are no two identical apps. Each product design project is different in terms of its time constraints, system maturity, type of product or service, and the current top concerns. So you need to change your … Read more →