The World of Technology in 2014: A Review

2014 has been a remarkable year for technology. From massive leaps forward in prosthetics (now known as ‘Touch Bionics’) through to flexible screen technology, 3D printing and brain mapping (which could in theory lead to AI), it’s been an innovative and fast-moving 12 months. Here’s a quick look at some of the highlights during 2014: … Read more →

The Evolution of Wearable Technology

As technology continues to adapt to the changing consumer’s needs, businesses in the industry are having to scramble to keep up. Even in the last eight years, the capabilities that have been added to this small but evolving field have been astounding. Creating devices that can essentially act as a small computer while still being … Read more →

5 of the Hottest Jobs in Tech

No field has been able to showcase as much innovation and growth as the tech industry, especially over the past several years. Jobs in technology have exploded in both popularity and earnings potential, with more and more people turning to them to make a living. Today we’ve gathered five of the hottest jobs in the … Read more →

Can Technology Make us Safer Drivers?

Every year, automobile manufacturers come up with new technology for the [tp lang=”en” only=”y”]safety of passengers[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]safety of passengers[/tp], from seat belts, airbags, lane departure warning systems, active braking, blind spot detection features, and alert driving warnings, among others. In addition, there are also gadgets and devices designed to assist drivers, such as satellite navigation devices … Read more →

The Effects of Bankruptcy in Technology Licenses

As high-tech business continue to grow, more and more technology licenses are being granted and have become subjects of agreements between licensors and licensees. These agreements seek to protect the rights of both parties. Unknown to many however, bankruptcy of any of the parties involved may have effects on the rights for the use of … Read more →

Fiction to Reality: Smart tech origin stories

Who doesn’t love a good science fiction story? Not only does it have all the elements of any other great story, but it also has all kinds of amazing technology and weird gadgets to fawn over and wish you could make use of in your everyday life. Well, what if you woke up one day … Read more →

Technology that makes your car safer

The technology which ensures safety in vehicles has evolved perpetually over the decades, giving drivers a better chance of surviving serious crashes and also helping to protect other road users and pedestrians in the process. There are various mechanisms and innovations that are present in modern cars to enhance safety, so here is a look … Read more →

Teaching technology: learning 3d design

If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing properly. 3d design is definitely worth doing. Whenever we get something new, the initial temptation is to throw caution to the wind and just start playing around with it. We want to experiment, to learn by trial and error. That might be OK with your average, off-the-shelf, … Read more →

Advancements in Medical technology

If there’s one aspect that tends to impact more on medical advancement more than almost anything else, it’s how doctors and clinicians gather data about their patients. To be able to construct an effective care plan for those suffering from long-term illnesses in particular, you have to be able to ‘track’ the disease, its symptoms … Read more →

Tech Wars: Giant Firms Battle the Authorities and Each Other

Their products dominate our lives, while they dominate the markets for PCs, smartphones, tablets, TVs and digital cameras, but the likes of Microsoft, Samsung, Apple, LG and Toshiba have fallen foul of the law more than once, and when they did, it’s been costly. There have been several high-profile lawsuits involving some of the world’s … Read more →

When Will Mobile Game Design Grow Up?

It’s time for smartphones and tablets to realize their potential There’s nothing wrong with casual gaming; everyone can get behind throwing fowl at a building full of smirking pigs. But with the leaps and bounds in mobile technology, there’s a vast frontier available to mobile designers, that has remained largely untouched. Will mobile games ever … Read more →