5 Tools to Make Your Instagram Marketing Easier

Instagram Business Tools Instagram business tools were launched by Instagram itself, to encourage and assist marketers utilizing Instagram as a marketing platform. The features and services offered by Instagram marketing tools can be divided into three domains. Business Profiles Instagram business profiles is perhaps the highlight of Instagram business tools. These business profiles are specially … Read more →

How Often Do You Change Your Profile Picture?

Our social media profile pictures say a lot about us. A lot of times, they can act as some kind of first impression. They may show how happy we are (or pretend to be), or tell people how old we are by how we look in the profile photo, or by our actions in the … Read more →

How to Maximize Your SEO and Online Marketing Impact Using Instagram

The importance of SEO to any business is by now well understood. We know how important organic rankings are for attracting traffic, leads and conversions that can ultimately contribute to improving a business’s bottom-line. Many brands rely on search engine rankings in order to be found and reached by customers looking for products and services … Read more →

8 Mistakes That Make Businesses Fail on Social Media

Many businesses have discovered how social media can support marketing and customer service efforts. Social network platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, and YouTube have become indispensable places where clients and businesses interact. Still, a majority of all businesses fail to perform well on social media. As many companies have realized, success on social … Read more →

Tips for supervising kids’ social media

When we parents were young kids, things were way simpler. There was hardly an access to the internet. And somehow we were safe from most of the evils that are constantly prevailing around us nowadays. In the modern world, there’s no life without internet. It has almost become the basic need of every human being … Read more →

Guidelines for Twitter Marketing

Twitter has become increasingly popular as an online marketing platform for many businesses. With this social network, you can keep track of recent developments in your industry, connect with like-minded people and get word out about your products or services. Here are some Twitter marketing tips which will enhance your chances of success. 1. Include … Read more →

LinkedIn Ads: Targeting Methods For an Increased Business Audience

The process of reaching specific companies, industries, or even specific buyers can be tricky. PPC search ads have their limitations, and you can target all the specific keywords you want, but you can’t guarantee who is on the other end of the computer. LinkedIn ads offer far more flexibility and customization in terms of reaching … Read more →

Tweet More than 140 chars: Tall Tweets

So today and from now we live in a modern era, where being socially active has a lot of role to play in your business, especially if you work online. So you fellows might be knowing, that Twitter is the most powerful social tool now at the moment for making things work and really advertising … Read more →

Is Pinterest the Missing Link in Your Social Media Strategy

If you haven’t been living in a cave, you are probably already using Facebook and/or Twitter for marketing your business. Does it make sense to add another social media channel, when you have behemoths like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to feed? Read on, as you might find out that Pinterest is just the missing link … Read more →