Find Out How That Houses Learn Through Artificial Intelligence

Technology is fast transforming our societies. There’s a high rate of innovation that has now come to automating our homes; home artificial intelligence. There are efforts to build smart homes where home operations are controlled comfortably and naturally. Your house gets to learn all that goes around. How’s that even possible? Find out below. Who’s … Read more →

What Are the Benefits of RPA?

There has been a long-running argument that robots could potentially take over jobs from people, however this is not necessarily always a bad thing. Often software robotics can actually help with the monotonous work and automating knowledge-based business processes can make human jobs easier, allowing more room for jobs to be specialized. In fact, we … Read more →

How RankBrain’s Artificial Intelligence Impacts SEO Strategies for Websites

RankBrain as the name suggests, is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) program used by Google to process the multitude of search queries. This AI assists Google in translating the written language into mathematical numbers known as vectors that the computer can comprehend. RankBrain is responsible for Google providing filtered search results which are more personalized for … Read more →

Meet The Carnegie Mellon AI That Could Kill Online Poker

If you keep up with developments in the poker world, you are probably aware of the poker match that took place at the Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh, pitching Libratus, a poker playing Artificial Intelligence against four of the top heads up specialists representing humans. You are probably also aware that after a total of 120,000 … Read more →