5 Steps To Building A Cloud-Ready Application Architecture

Cloud Computing: Clearly Something To Plan Around Today Cloud computing was already trending toward market domination in professional atmospheres where technology is core to operations. Now, that’s more the case than ever owing to the fallout from 2020’s pandemic. Decentralization has forced businesses into remote operational infrastructure solutions such as BYOD, or Bring Your Own … Read more →

What are the Best Practices for Public Cloud Security?

Technology has experienced a rapid proliferation in the past few years. Today, around 96% of enterprises in the US use some kind of cloud computing. Cloud data security is vital. Best practices in cloud security refer to techniques or methods that produce superior results. In simple words, it is a standard way of doing things … Read more →

Why Cloud Based POS Software Is Next Big Thing Is Retail Sector?

Cloud Based POS software are one of the most useful tools facilitating the retail sector these days. People running, restaurants, franchise-based system, fresh start-ups, & even multiplex club or theatres prefer using POS software to boost the performance of their business. This makes one wonder how a software can become an effective tool in boosting … Read more →

Boosting Your Business Effectiveness with DevOps and the Cloud

Now that we have entered another new year, business owners everywhere are looking for ways to prevent making the same mistakes of their previous years, while they simultaneously refine their ongoing strategies to boost their business productivity. Typically, they’ll look to their employees to find gaps in work conduct, bottlenecks that should be resolved, and … Read more →

Cloud Migration: 4 Basic Steps for a Successful Migration Process

Nowadays, business in every scale cannot neglect the important existence of the IT technology in improving their productivity and efficiency. As they manage the growth  and expansion, there will be changes needed to adjust in the IT infrastructure niche. With the increasing demands, the more resources are needed so that the business can cater to … Read more →

4 Google Service Alternatives You Didn’t Know About

It could be argued that in some ways Google has gotten a bad rap from journalists who habitually harp on data-centric business models and enjoy stock photos of giant magnifying glasses hovering over screens filled with code from The Matrix.  But bad stock photography and oversimplified headlines aside, there are some real concerns being raised … Read more →

Optimizing Your Office for Cloud Computing

With so many businesses making the switch from computer hard drives to storing data on the internet via “the cloud,” it’s likely you’re reading this because your business is one of them. If your business is interested in moving your data to the cloud but is new to the concept, read on for tips on … Read more →

Reasons Why Businesses Are Migrating to Cloud

Recently, more and more apps are migrating to cloud and enterprises and individuals alike are following in suit. Platforms like Steam have almost completely replaced hard copies of video games, online accounts and licenses are everything and if an app can’t be integrated with the rest of your tech arsenal, it’s unlikely that you’ll even … Read more →

Top Ten Reasons Why You’re Business Should Move to the Cloud?

Cloud computing has become a part of many businesses all over the world. It can be also referred to as on-demand computing this can be described as a system of using computer services over the internet. A number of businesses are adopting this in their operations. Generally, a considerable amount of money is spent by … Read more →

Cloud Computing & Server Security: What You Need To Know

Cloud Options Actually Provide Better Security Many businesses have a misconception that security isn’t as effective through cloud computing options as it is through an internally managed server array. It turns out this isn’t the case, and there are a few reasons why. It’s easier to manage and monitor applications, data is more effectively secured, … Read more →

How to integrate the cloud into your business

The cloud is fast becoming a standard in business, with many organisations seeing its intrinsic value. This is thanks to the simplicity and low cost of the cloud, among its many other benefits that include scalability, flexibility and reinforced security for businesses. Cloud computing continues to disrupt the way organisations around the world do business, … Read more →

Gaming Innovations Soon To Dominate the Gaming Industry

Software developers are constantly working to change the face of gaming. The hard work being put by software developers manifest in different forms, at times we can all see the changes but on other occasions, the changes take place in the background and it’s difficult for outsiders to know. This article is going to focus … Read more →