Why do you need a customer service department?

In this modern age, entrepreneurship has opened new avenues for individuals looking to make big revenues out of their investment. The technological advancement paved the way for this business revolution. No matter how big or small your business is, you can find your place in the market provided that your company keeps a balance between … Read more →

How Technology Impacts Customer Service?

Every entrepreneur out there knows that customer service represents the embodiment of your company’s performance. You see, your audience is aware of the fact that your public image is a polished brand representation of the scenario in which everything runs flawlessly. On the other hand, how you respond in moments of crisis is what will … Read more →

How to Streamline Customer Service for Your Website

Whether your business represents a multinational corporation, domestic franchise or small business, your website needs accessible contact points to deliver superior customer service. But how specific customers elect to reach your company — albeit via phone, email, live chat or social media — may be different than how others would prefer to resolve a service … Read more →

The Richard Branson Way to Improve Your Customer Service

Sir Richard Branson, CEO of Virgin, is known worldwide for his incredible business success. He owns more than 400 companies. And his worth is estimated to around $4.2 billion dollars. His rags-to-riches story serves as an inspiration to many young entrepreneurs. When asked what was the key to his successful business , he said: “Simplicity … Read more →

The Customer Is Always Right? Consumers Demand Better Customer Service Through Social Media

The results are in, and consumers throughout the US are demanding even faster customer service through instant-response channels like social media. According to a May 2012 Conversocial customer survey, 30% of customers now expect a response to their queries within minutes. More than 50% of customers describe their interactions with businesses as disappointing and mediocre … Read more →

A Rookie Blogger? Factors to Consider Before Deciding on a Hosting Provider

A blog can generate traffic for your business website or it may itself act as an interactive website. You can pursue a hobby using a blog or use it to sell an e-book, antique collections or anything else. If you have recognized your purpose of having a blog, the next big challenge is to choose … Read more →

How To Use Twitter To Get Through To Customer Support In A Jiffy

I have an online bank account with NetEller that I use for online stuff, much like PayPal etc., except that NetEller also offers you a prepaid MasterCard to use all over the world and in shops. Which is great! But today I found out they had disabled my account (again!) to “protect my personal information”. … Read more →