How to Gain Accurate Customer Data from Push Notifications

When businesses employ creative strategies to improve customer engagement, user experience becomes more dynamic and interactive. One such way to boost customer engagement is by maximizing the use of push notifications and data analytics. Apps send push notifications to users to suggest or remind them of actions they need to do. While others may find … Read more →

Why Is Data Ownership The First Priority For Brands?

Source: Square Space  Businesses incorporate a significant amount of data in their various procurements, which is why data security, privacy, and ownership become the need of the hour. Being correlated to each other, these terms play a critical role in determining the overall integrity of any organization. This becomes even more pivotal when your business … Read more →

Why Data Science is Important for E-Commerce

If you want your company to succeed in the e-commerce industry, you need to invest in data science and analytics. Why? Today’s advanced technology has allowed us to use a wide range of machine learning and data analytics tools to analyze the data your company has collected, in order to produce valuable insights about your … Read more →

Are Health Apps Really Sharing Your Secrets?

When it comes to sensitive subjects, such as addiction and mental health, we should be able to trust the apps which have been specifically designed to help you through these difficult periods would take your privacy seriously. But, new studies have suggested that not only is this not the case but many of these apps … Read more →

8 Essential Steps to GDPR Compliance

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation is not the first set of data regulations that was implemented. However, companies around the world have taken notice because it is one of the first to be introduced in the current milieu of prevalent Internet usage, smart devices, and social media. What’s more, the new set of … Read more →

Is Your Company Data Safe?

According to the Ponemon Institute, the average cost of a data breach in the United States is approximately more than $7 million, while the EU has recently introduced GDPR legislation that can charge a company with a $4 million fine for holding EU citizens’ data. A data breach can therefore not only impact your reputation … Read more →

Recover Data from Damaged or Erased Hard Drive

A hard drive carries valuable information on it. When the unfortunate happens and for one reason or another you are not able to access the information, either because it is erased or damaged. What options do you have for a successful hard drive recovery? Is there a way that you can access the information off … Read more →

EaseUS File Recovery Software for Everyone

Data loss is a common issue these days. There are many individuals that are suffering from this issue only because they are not careful while using their devices. However, one lost most of the people have the misconception that they cannot recover their data. They are wrong because the EaseUS file recovery software is perfect … Read more →

Security is Important: Is Your Business Using the Most Secure Transfer Software?

Data security breaches can bring just about any business to its knees, and the consequences can be absolutely devastating; fees, penalties, lawsuits, damage to your infrastructure… you name it. Just as the old saying goes, preventative measures are better than curative ones, and it’s no less true when it comes to transferring data safely and … Read more →

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Professional

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Professional v7.0 is one of the most advanced data recovery software available for Windows 10 users. The recovery software is suitable for all those PC users, who have lost their digital data stored in their storage device may it be internal or external. The storage device includes hard disk drive, … Read more →

Guide for Best Case of Data Loss and How to Recover Deleted Data/Photos [All Solution]

Here, I explain to Best Case of Data Loss and How to Recover Deleted Data and also provided all solution in this article. We are not exactly mindful the genuine dangers and how to dodge them. Most regular explanations behind data misfortune are identified with our consistently after the way we spare, store and handle … Read more →

How Important is Data Matching for Any Business?

Eliminating duplicate data actually can optimise and speed up your business processes and can save you a lot of expenses. By removing multiple lists, your staff members will not have waste their precious time by calling the same person again and again. This kind of eliminating duplicate data can also eliminate tele-callers who only do … Read more →