How to Recover Data from a Hard Drive on Windows 10

Losing data or important files due to accidental deletion or due to some hardware or software snag is something very common. Thankfully, you can recover your lost files or data easily using few simple steps. Despite that keeping, data backup is always advised by experts to prevent data loss effectively. However, it is considered that … Read more →

0x8000000a Error Code While Trying To Transfer Photos From The Camera To The System Drive 

Error code 0x8000000a SD card is associated with image files being installed on memory card and usually appears when there is some issue with the pictures. Sometimes, when you try to open or transfer the images using any particular program from the SD card to the hard drive, the respective error is generated and access … Read more →

Way to Recover Shift Deleted Files in Windows

Summary: This guest-post explains the loss of files from your Windows system by the use of Shift and Delete key simultaneously and also the best way to recover those files. Go through this guest-post if you have deleted your Windows files this way and learn how you can recover them without losing any data. In total, … Read more →

Data Recovery and You

Do you have a good understanding of what data recovery is? When it comes to computing, data recovery can be described as a process of salvaging data that is inaccessible from damaged or corrupted files, removable media, or secondary storage, when the data that is stored is not able to be accessed by using a … Read more →

Data recovery with EaseUS software

Data recovery is a feature that enables the users to recover any deleted data from the system. Generally, in windows OS when any data is being deleted, it actually goes to the recycle bin. The data which is in the recycle bin can be recovered at any time. But if you want to delete the … Read more →

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional

It’s hard to get hold of a reliable data recovery software these days. It’s even harder to be able to do it using flash drive recovery. I being an IT technician for my company and with computers getting used more and more and users downloading more and more, the ridiculously high amount of malware, spyware … Read more →

iPhone Password Recovery

As technology continues to advance we find ourselves creating new passwords for everything from ATM machines and email accounts to security alarms and Wi-Fi networks. It’s no wonder that on occasion we find ourselves drawing a blank when it comes to remembering what our latest pass code is. The fact is that even if we … Read more →

Orbicule’s Undercover Mac Theft Recovery System – Reinstall Necessary On Snow Leopard

Ever since I had my good ol’ MacBook stolen from within my flat because somebody forgot to lock the kitchen window, I’ve been using Undercover from Orbicule on all my other Mac’s. The reason is clear: It gives me a better chance of ever recovering my Mac, than if I didn’t have the software installed. … Read more →