5 Unconventional Marketing Methods

There are numerous ways you can market your services and products. As a business owner or operator, you can rely on some of the proven standbys. Those might include radio spots, TV commercials, and more recent additions to the list, like social media marketing. However, maybe you want to use less conventional means to reach … Read more →

Love music? Why Not Include it in Your Instagram Stories?

Day-in, day-out billions of users login and logout of Instagram. To make the user experience better than before, Instagram app makers keep on adding new updates. These nuances are sometimes related to stories, the other times, they are related to feeds. However, one of the most interesting updates that has made a lot of users … Read more →

The Timeline of iPhone’s Incredible Success

Think back to the phone you had before 2007. It probably was a ‘flip phone’ with a split keyboard, low resolution screen, a simple back camera that you primarily used for voice calls and texting. That changed in 2007, with the first unveiling of Apple’s original iPhone: a touch-screen creation that served as an iPod, … Read more →

Netflix could be killing the environment as researchers urge users to avoid streaming in HD on smartphones

As the pandemic has pushed many of us into our houses, forcing us to keep ourselves busy, there is no surprise that the popularity of Netflix has grown over the years. In April 2020, over 16 million new subscribers joined the streaming platform. The chart below shows Netflix’s revenue from 2011 to 2020 with a … Read more →

Least Known Facts about the Types of Atomic Spectroscopy

Refers to several analytic techniques used to determine the elemental composition of a sample by observing its mass or electromagnetic spectrum. The sample can be either liquid, solid, or gas. The different variations include absorption, fluorescence, emission, and mass spectroscopy. Determining the appropriate technique to be used requires an ultimate understanding of each.  Atomic Spectroscopy … Read more →

Cloud Computing: All You Need to Know in 2021

Cloud computing is gaining popularity worldwide at a rapid pace. Consequently, every major company wants to get onboard. Since Cloud Computing is becoming increasingly popular, its demand is also increasing. To make sure the layman understands what the Cloud is in this article we have tried to define in the simplest terms what cloud computing … Read more →

6 Tips for Remote Working

Remote working is a very popular choice among professionals, as it allows individuals to have more freedom regarding their working environment, and fit a healthy work-life balance into their schedule. Not only that, but offering the potential for remote working means businesses may save a lot of money and resources by avoiding having to pay … Read more →

4 Things You Should Know Before Buying Hearing Aids

Your first time buying hearing aids can be quite traumatic. That’s because you are new to the technology and may not understand all the intricacies of hearing aids. Maybe you’re not even convinced you need hearing aids, but your better half is pushing your buttons hard and you are arguing more than usual. Many of … Read more →

Basic Guide To Building Your Own Website

Nowadays, building a website is essential for every sole entrepreneur, freelancer, business, organization, and the like. It’s a platform through which you’ll reach your target audience or market from anywhere in the world. Through a professionally built website, you’ll be able to present yourself or your business as a trusted and reputable professional/brand in the … Read more →

7 Signs Your Business Needs Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is one of the most innovative technologies changing the way businesses operate. If your business is not yet implementing artificial intelligence, read on, and we’ll talk about some of the signs that it’s about time for a change!  You Waste Time Doing Manual Tasks  It might seem a cliché, but time is indeed … Read more →

5 Easy Ways To Make Server Relocation Faster

With the growing trend of the technologies, the internet is on fire. Our businesses now hinge upon the internet. One such component of the business is the Data Center. And with everything changing location, there arises the need for the server and the data center relocation. The Increasing Need For Data Center Relocation (DCR) DCR … Read more →

How 5G Is Going To Change the Way You Live

There are lots of new technologies that have changed the way that we live, but nothing is going to cause a shift like 5G. Fifth-generation connectivity is the big topic being discussed by tech experts simply because it’s going to affect the way we travel, play, and work. While debates rage about how and where … Read more →

Why trust Apple as a brand?

Apple is not just a company; it’s a marketable brand today. Since 2010, Apple is one of the most worthy and precious companies in the entire world. Believe it or not, Apple rules the world of technology. Its design, performance, and marketing strategies are the key drivers of the Apple brand’s success.  The company works … Read more →