How to Backup DVD to Digital Formats without Any Hassle?

Believe it or not, many people are as reluctant to relinquish old DVDs as me. However, it is easy to lose content because of scratches, breaks, etc. In order to protect my DVD files, I have added the “Digitize DVD” to my memo. The DVD collection must be cleaned from the shelf to save the … Read more →

Review on DVDFab DVD Copy

Publisher: Fengtao Software Inc. – More than 8 Years’ Dedication – Professional Perspective Concerning Technology – Infinite Pursuing of Perfectionism Speaking of DVD backup, well, I do have this need periodically, if not daily. I own a lot of DVDs, most of which are movies, and with a small part, music. As everybody else does, … Read more →

Foehn and Hirsch TVs

We are going to take a look at the Foehn and Hirsch Televisions which are a fantastic cheap buy available from The Range comprises of 9 TV’s some of which also have built in DVD players and we have found gives a decent picture and sound quality for the price. Ok, so let’s start … Read more →