How to keep your technology book current

Books on technology can age quickly. Here’s how we keep the TYPO3 Guidebook current.  By Felicity Brand Technologies change day to day, but books can’t—which is why some people hesitate before purchasing a new technology book. It’s true that web technologies are constantly changing (for the better!), but we designed our book to remain relevant … Read more →

Apple becomes First Public US Company to Hit $2.5 Trillion Market Cap

After rallying for two consecutive days, Apple has managed to hit a new record high stock price and a market capitalization of $2.5 trillion in pre-opening trading on Thursday. The American multinational tech company’s shares were up over 2% in trading on Wednesday, which saw a market valuation exceeding the $2.5 trillion threshold for the … Read more →

Cloud Technology Governance And Its Framework

We are breathing in the time of learning culture markets. Learning and acquiring information is strong and necessary for today. Also, the success defines how we share it. As a result, we obtained continuous improvements in sharing and exchanging of knowledge. But, the reality is a game-changer been the evolution of cloud technology. Cloud technology … Read more →

How Can Technology Affect the Beauty Industry?

In the 21st century, there is simply no industry that hasn’t been affected by the rapid development of technology. While in some industries, this is more apparent, today, all aspects of our lives are penetrated by tech, and this needs to be acknowledged and leveraged if one is to make progress. Considering that last year, … Read more →

Examples of Location Technology in Action

Location data has slowly but surely become a huge part of everyday life. We see and experience its effects all the time, sometimes without even noticing. If you log on to social media and see that your friend just “checked in” at a museum with their family, for example, or if you use a jogging … Read more →

Kinds of Technologies that Will Change the Standard Business 

Innovations are developing and extending at a quick rate, which is influencing enterprises and organizations. Present day innovation decides the day by day tasks and execution of certain organizations and businesses. New innovation powers numerous organizations to either embrace it or wind up slacking. Advancements drifts that influence organizations are recorded underneath. 1. The Artificial … Read more →

Apple is the World’s Most Admired Company for 14 Years Straight Now

According to Fortune, Apple has topped their annual list of the world’s most admired companies. The tech giant has been first in that list for an impressive 14 years straight now. For the 2021 list, Fortune narrowed down 1,500+ companies to the most admired in the world with the assistance of management consulting company Korn … Read more →

Over-the-Air Charging – Is this the Future of Mobile Devices?

Xiaomi, one of the world’s largest maker of smartphones, recently unveiled its Mi Air Charge System – a charging system that is similar to wireless charging technology, but many times better. Traditional wireless charging entails the mobile device to be in contact or placed on a charging pad or mat.  In the case of the … Read more →

Technology Predictions for 2021 and the Importance of MIS

Image Source As 2021 unfolds, staying ahead of the technological trends remain crucial. The year 2020 has been quite a dynamically changing year, forcing all sectors to embrace the change. With the COVID-19 pandemic wreaking havoc globally, the technological advancement set the new rhythm of transformation. The world that we inhabit today is unique from … Read more →

Netflix Smashes Audience Records with 203M Subscribers

Netflix, a well-known American Internet streaming media provider, has announced on Tuesday that it now has more than 203 million subscribers all over the world, after 8.5 million new customers have signed up between October and December 2020. In Netflix’s quarterly letter to shareholders, the entertainment/media company’s annual revenue reached £18.3 billion, a 24% increase … Read more →