Why Travel Nomads are the Force of the Future

From the earliest hours of the mankind, people traveled the world in order to find better living conditions. Today, however, this idea was further enhanced by the ideas of open market, open borders and the internet. In light of these facts, it would be irresponsible not to raise following questions – what does the phrase … Read more →

Traveling in Europe Made Easier with GoEuro

It is for a fact that travel and tourism has become the lifeblood of many countries, especially ones that have famous tourist destinations.  Additionally, traveling or touring is one of life’s simple pleasures (for some, it’s even considered a luxury) as it allows you to visit and view different wonderful places such as parks and … Read more →

The must-download travel apps

If you’re travelling anywhere abroad for a length of time, it can be tricky to get a handle on the culture and language quickly. This is particularly pertinent if you’re from overseas and travelling around Europe. Having some help at your fingertips will be a welcome relief at some point during your epic trip, no … Read more →

Travel Apps for Business Trips

Planning for a business trip takes a lot of organizing, whether it is heading out on a road trip or booking for a flight. Frequent travelers have to make sure that they have everything they need. This includes packing their smartphones with essential apps to make sure their trip worry free. If you are a … Read more →

What Does the Future Hold for Faster Travel to Australia?

Australia is fast becoming one of the top tourist destinations in the world.  With a thriving economy, a world-class arts scene, a status as one of the globe’s leading cultural capitals, sunshine year-round, and seemingly endless beaches, the Land Down Under attracts millions of visitors every year––many of whom are young people between the ages … Read more →

5 Great iPhone Apps for Travel Bloggers

People use their iPhones for many things; playing games when they’re bored, checking their Facebook and email, however, given that there are so many bloggers out there it’s surprising that many haven’t discovered the joys of blogging from their iPhone yet. Lending itself to being on the move, bloggers have a chance to report on … Read more →

10 Best Apple iPad Travel Apps

With over 200,000 available, there are iPhone apps for everything. There are apps for storage, organization, money, marketing, networking, business. cooking, fitness, and so much more. Many of these apps, or programs, are geared toward travelers; they perform some specialized function that can help globetrotters navigate their way through the world. The following list offers … Read more →