What You Need To Know About Defrag Computer

Intelligent PC/laptop users all recognize the significance of de-fragmentation, as it is one of the easiest but most powerful way to restore the lost computer performance. Fragmentation and Defragmentation Let us try to explain the words fragment and defragment to you without sounding too geeky. Suppose that you enter your room and your stuff is … Read more →

Giveaway: 3 licenses for “Folx Pro – Download Manager” for Mac

Scroll to the bottom for information about the giveaway! Any of us downloaded files from web at least once. Or twice… Or many times! For many of us browser’s downloading features are just satisfactory… But what if you need to download more often and download multiple large files from slow servers? What if you want … Read more →

Deleted File Recovery with System Restore Facility

If we talk about the recovery of deleted files, Microsoft has offered a great feature which is called as system restore. However, only few people know its proper use while great majority cannot understand it properly. The basic aim of this application is to remove those programs which obstruct the normal functioning of your computer. … Read more →

Revealing the Best Functions of PBX Software

For many small businesses that are technologically savvy simply take up their telecommunication answer more than just the usual lines of telephone with a whole lot of private branch exchange. Such systems are known as the PBXs offer users with advanced telecommunication functions ranging from the simple call transfer as well as music on hold … Read more →

Top 5 Online Games Based from Hit TV Shows

It is often said that we humans are social beings.  This is in fact true, but it can also be said that we are also fond of entertainment.  One of the best entertainment equipment ever made is perhaps the television, with shows covering a multitude of genre to cater to our preferences.  Some of the … Read more →

Create Your Very Own Floral Bouquet to Send to Loved Ones with Interflora’s New App

Local flower shops, sure they are great places to buy flowers for your loved ones, but wouldn’t it be nice to be able to have an awesome online shop to buy flowers from with an innovative twist of technology? Enter Interflora, the online destination where you can find only the best, the most beautiful, and … Read more →

10 Web Site Backup Essentials That You Should Live By

Increasingly more web designers nowadays do not value the relevance of an equipped web site data backup (files and data sources). They have left this to possibility and good luck which positions a great risk to their internet visibility. Can you relate to this? Then read this vital article which may save you an arm … Read more →

New Technologies that Help Track Energy Usage

New technologies have been making energy tracking easier than ever. Most homeowners worry about having the most efficient light bulbs, but there are plenty of other technologies that can save money at home. Computers are cheaper and smarter than ever. Appliances are now being installed with wireless communication and processing. Outlets can have brains. There … Read more →

Choosing the Best Tablet for You

With the rapidly increasing pace for our lives, one is always looking to stay connected on the go. And then you think of buying yourself an amazing and fluid tablet . That would help you cope up with the high pace tech life. As one always knows the tablets have already evolved as am amazing … Read more →

How Viruses Can Get Into Your Computers Via Wifi

Viruses pose a serious threat to computer users across the globe. After infiltrating the machine, a virus can cause a myriad of different challenges, including loss of data and computer resources. In some cases, hackers even use viruses to commit identity theft. While traditionally these pesky problems have been transmitted through email and infected websites, … Read more →

Is It 3rd Time Lucky for Your 3D Viewing?

The thought of watching some stunning 3D action is one of the things which always gets TV and film viewers really excited. After all, if the action jumps off the screen and into your lap then it is bound to make your viewing experience even more thrilling than before. Most of us have experienced a … Read more →

3 reasons why the Chrome Webstore Changes are disastrous

Recently, Google radically changed the Chrome Webstore. All the extensions were taken out of the Webstore, leaving only the apps to be featured in the ‘Most Popular’ and the ‘Trending’ section. Main reason according to Google’s Developer Advocate Joe Marini, is that users have difficulties recognizing the differences between apps and extensions. Therefore, the extensions are relocated … Read more →

What Does the Tech-Home Look Like?

A lot of people have heard the term “tech-home” at one point or another, especially within the recent past. Technology has a massive impact on practically every area of our lives today, and there’s no turning back at this point. As a result, homes are becoming more technologically advanced as the days go by, and … Read more →

How to Stop Yourself Being A Victim of Identity Theft

Your identity is one of your most valuable possessions. Criminals who obtain access to your personal details can use them to take out loans and credit cards, obtain state benefits and apply for passports and driving licenses – all in your name. Identity theft occurs when criminals steal your personal information for their own use. … Read more →