LG G2 Vs Samsung Galaxy S4

March 13, 2014

Amongst the closest rivals in the smartphone industry are LG G2 and Samsung Galaxy S4. These devices are similar to each other in many ways. Both of these popular devices flaunt a decent camera, powerful processor and a host of popular features. Following is a brief comparison of LG G2 and Galaxy S4 that will […]

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AirDroid: Remotely manage your Android from a Web browser

February 12, 2014

Android is a part of our life and a very crucial one too. People who are always travelling keeps them connected to their base office through Android device, you can also make your presentation over the Android device so you see it is actually a necessity now rather than a luxury. Earlier, when the Android […]

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How to Speed up you Android Smartphone

January 14, 2014

There is a vast majority of Android Smartphones available in the market. But all phones whether having heavy specifications or lighter ones, with time get slower, and they seem to lag. So in this post I’m going to show you some of the ways to speed up your Android Smartphone. Monitor Usage: You should monitor […]

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Nokia Lumia 525 Vs Moto G: Which Budget Phone Should You Buy?

December 16, 2013

The Nokia Lumia 520 was an unexpected success for the Finnish tech company that had been trying to regain its hold in the smartphone market. In an attempt to cash in on the phenomenal success of the Nokia Lumia 520, the company has recently launched the Nokia Lumia 525 as a successor to the previous […]

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LG G2 vs. Samsung Galaxy S4

October 24, 2013

Samsung went radical with the hardware on the Galaxy S4 and dazzled everyone putting two quad core processors in a mobile device. It held the spot of most powerful smartphone for a while but it was inevitable that the competition will rise. It had rivals in the market but they were focused on other aspects […]

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Samsung Galaxy S4 versus LG G2 – battle of the flagships

October 9, 2013

One is a hugely popular handset that’s made a massive Korean tech firm even bigger; the other is hoping to be just as successful. We’re talking, of course, about Samsung’s 2013 flagship Galaxy S4 and the soon-to-be-released G2 from Samsung’s Korean counterpart LG. The G2 was only recently unveiled to the world but looks like […]

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Sony Xperia Z1 – The Best Android Camera Phone

October 4, 2013

Sony has always kept the customers happy by making innovative products. Ever since they started making mobile devices, they used to put that ‘something’ in their devices that made them different from other manufacturers. We remember using a monochrome Sony device having the scroll wheel which made it much later to the blackberries and Sony […]

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Apple takes customer satisfaction crown on Samsungs home turf – and iPhone 5 outsells Galaxy S4 at launch

July 6, 2013

Yet another top spot in a customer satisfaction survey has been given to Apple. This time, Apple came out on top in Samsung’s own backyard. More than 44,000 smartphone owners participated in the survey, giving Apple a 52% satisfaction rating, compared to Samsung’s 50% and LG’s 46%. Meanwhile, Apple’s iPhone 5 estimated to have sold […]

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How to Find your Lost Android Phone: Android Lost App

June 27, 2013

Phone theft is not a new problem that troubles the users, it has been in existence from pretty long time now. Android Phone thefts are also increasing day by day. But there are many ways you could find your lost Android Phone, or Android phone that thefts took away from you, and we will discuss […]

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Hands on: Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and Galaxy S4 Zoom

June 25, 2013

Samsung is now the best smart phone manufacturing in the world. This company of South Korean origin has made to the top like magical game changer toppling Nokia off its throne to emerge as the best among the rest. Samsung has been in the electronics business since a long time, one cannot forget incredible monitors […]

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HTC One Review

May 7, 2013

The year 2012 was very disappointing for HTC. They were easily thwarted by their competitors and thus had a poor earning statement to show the world. This was the same time when Peter Chou, the CEO of HTC, decided to up their ante and get down to creating a device that will be high on […]

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10 Practical Google Nexus 7 Tricks & Tips

May 1, 2013

Google’s Nexus 7 has drawn a lot of attention from the global market since its release last July (first in the United States and Australia). Among various tricks and tips for Nexus 7 on the Internet, I have selected 10 of them I think are the most useful, to help you get the most of […]

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Samsung Galaxy S4 pre-orders now open!

April 19, 2013

The latest Android wonderchild to come out of the Samsung factory is the Galaxy S4, perhaps finally the iPhone killer that the Android fanbase have been urging for? The predecessor, Galaxy S3, was quite a beast, but what about the S4, will it be able to meet the growing demands that high-end smartphone users have […]

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How to Recover Deleted Photos from Samsung Galaxy S3

April 18, 2013

The fast paced world of today is of tablets and SmartPhones; and Samsung is the lead in the market. Out of many SmartPhones launched by Samsung, one of the affordable yet advanced featured phones is Samsung Galaxy S3. The large screen and various other advance features make it a good option for professionals and home […]

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HTC One Specifications & Impressions

April 4, 2013

HTC’s latest flagship entrant is stamped with a seal of perfection, metaphorically speaking. Its brimming with top of the line features and has that all rounded appeal. HTC has garnered unending appreciation in recent times, for its devices that truly give you what the Taiwanese company promises. HTC has a lot of repute which the […]

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How does the Galaxy S4 measure up?

March 24, 2013

Now that the [tp lang=”en” only=”y”]Samsung Galaxy S4[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]Samsung Galaxy S4[/tp] has finally been unveiled, tech fans have been discussing its merits and analysing its specs in forums all over the internet. Following the huge success of the S3, Samsung must know it needs to have something impressive up its sleeve to wow the smartphone community all […]

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What to expect from the Samsung Galaxy S4

March 11, 2013

Now that a date of March 14th has been set for the big unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S4, months of rumour and speculation can finally be put to bed. Whatever spec the phone actually has, the stories being leaked to various websites suggest that it should present a strong challenge to the iPhone’s dominance […]

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Android users, watch out for malware!!

January 28, 2013

1 million pieces of malware. That is how much malware Trend Micro expects to see for the Android platform this year. The amount of malware has, according to Trend Micro, increased more in 3 years for Android, than malware did for PC’s in 14 years. Last year, Trend Micro predicted that the amount of malware […]

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5 useful Android utilities

January 25, 2013

Tablets and smartphones with their features are slowly taking the place of their older “colleagues”, desktop PCs, and as we are definitely entering a Post PC era customers are becoming aware that their tablets can be used for a big amount of tasks which were familiar only to desktop and laptop PCs. The hardware and […]

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Intro to Android 4.2 – “Jelly Bean”

January 17, 2013

Google is at it again. As always, Google has provided us Android users with a few new features we’ve been hoping for, and a few surprises we didn’t expect with the new Android 4.2 Jellybean update. For starters, we all like seeing pictures of things like our families or our recent Hawaiian vacation, more than […]

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Windows Phone is the safest mobile OS – Android, not so much

November 7, 2012

According to Mikko Hypponen from software security company F-Secure, Windows Phone 8 is currently the most safe mobile operating system there is. Although Apple’s iOS is also commonly known as being safe, just as safe as BlackBerry for business use, it seems that F-Secure is giving the “safest” award to Windows Phone 8 at the […]

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5 Amusing Android Apps

October 15, 2012

The term Android these days has become widely synonymous to the operating system owned and developed by Google for use on smartphones and tablets.  Most manufacturers of smartphones and tablets opt for Android over other operating system because the Android code has been released as an open source.  While the first few releases of the […]

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Rooting Android Devices: Know the risks!

September 5, 2012

So you’ve got that android phone that you always dreamed of! Unpacked it, charged it and loved it. Started downloading apps or games and everything seems rosy in this picture perfect world. But can you download every app? How about trying to install some custom themes? What if you aren’t that satisfied with the in-built […]

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How to Choose a Good Android Smartphone

August 17, 2012

A Simple Guide to Help You Purchase a Smart Phone of Your Choice With the rapid improvements in technology, a lot of Android smartphones have cropped up these days with mesmerizing features. Hence it becomes increasingly difficult for a person to select the best of the lot. First of all, you should first make yourself […]

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