8 Ways to Prepare for Redesigning Your eCommerce Site

Technology is always changing, which comes with advantages and disadvantages for eCommerce businesses. On the one hand, technology can make it easier to run your business. Updates and new features can help automate some of the more menial tasks that you might face as part of running a website. However, the ephemeral nature of technology … Read more →

What’s New In The World Of SEO?

These days, many business owners are thinking about how they can optimize their approach to online advertising. If this is the case for you, it’s important to know that remaining cognizant of new SEO trends can help you expedite and optimize your digital marketing efforts. Read the short outline prepared below to learn more about … Read more →

The 5 Elements of a Winning E-Commerce Website

Are you hoping to build and launch a successful e-commerce website so you can become your own boss and work from home? Do you want to potentially build the next Amazon or Etsy site that people will gladly shop on every day? Then you need to know what the main elements of a winning e-commerce … Read more →

Magento vs. Demandware – What to Choose

There is always argument between Magento and Demandware. Nowadays open source e-commerce is becoming very professional. It is said that Demandware is very animated to write the impassioned plea. It is also feeling pressure nowadays from 2 fronts. One is the open source of e-commerce solutions of cost argument leverage, and another is cloud computing … Read more →

Optimizing your ecommerce website for SEO

Ecommerce websites are some of the most challenging websites to optimize. This is because these websites come with duplicate content, pagination issues, thin content, close similarity and many others. For the search engines, this is really negative and as such, most ecommerce sites get low rankings on most search engines especially Google. However, the rules … Read more →