8 Good Reasons to Buy an Android Tablet Over an iPad

Tablets are extremely appealing due to their portability and their user-friendly nature. However, in spite of the popularity of the iPad, Android tablets are superior to this famous and stylish Apple product. Here are eight significant reasons why an Android tablet is much more likely to meet your needs. 1) There is no need to … Read more →

Tablet, Notebook, Ultrabook: How to Know What You Need

Tablet and ultrabook manufacturers are touting their products as the new necessity for just about everyone; but will they really give you anything you can’t get from a laptop or smartphone? Depending on what you need and like, it might be worth the investment, but they’re clearly not for everyone. Here are a few questions … Read more →

Microsoft’s New Tablet is No iPad Killer

The Microsoft Surface tablet is one good lookin’ product. The frame is made of rugged magnesium, which Microsoft is calling VaporMag. The tablet is also thin and lightweight, giving it maximum portability. In terms of design, the surface tablet has two standout features: the attachable keyboard and the integrated kickstand. When combined, these two features … Read more →

HTC Flyer – an Android alternative to the iPad?

HTC is a company that has built a solid and enviable reputation over the smartphone industry.  Their research and development team has enabled them to release innovative handsets that are usually the first of their kind. This is no longer the case with the HTC Flyer as this is, in fact, their first Android tablet.  … Read more →

3 Android competitors for the iPad

Apple is dominating the tablet market with iPad 1 and iPad 2 since ever. Actually there was no real tablet market before the release of iPad 1. The sudden success of the iPad “forced” many other companies to get into the process of developing their own tablet and try to challenge Apple. Among the strongest … Read more →

The Future of Online News Content

The world of news has been in a turbulent place for a few years now, and it is undoubted that the boom of the Internet has been partly to blame. Despite the many advantages of worldwide connections from computer to computer for the newsgathering process, newspaper sales have been heavily in decline – resulting in many professionals losing their jobs in an already competitive environment.

However, the iPad has come into save the day, and now with apps such as The Daily (the new newspaper exclusively for the tablet device from Rupert Murdoch), media outlets are getting the confidence to explore this platform with more vigor. The only problem now is this: how can these new pieces of technology be monetized effectively?

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5 Tips To Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

With the increasing trend in mobile platform, there are limitations of the website being displayed in the actual HTML format as designed for your web browsing over a PC or a laptop. These HTML formats could be made more amicable to make your website supportive and adapt efficiently to work well on the mobile platform. … Read more →

A Look At the Upcoming Android 3.0 Honeycomb Tablets

It’s no secret that many insiders have forecast that 2011 will be the year of the tablet. Where their opinions may differ, however, is in predicting which tablet will outperform the others in what is shaping up to be a highly competitive market. A panoply of manufacturers are set to release Android 3.0 Honeycomb devices … Read more →

Samsung Galaxy Tab announced – the real iPad killer?

Engadget had their hands on the new Samsung Galaxy tab for a preview and several specifications are now available: Android 2.2 with TouchWiz 3.0 7″ capacitive touch screen with 1024×600 resolution Weight: 380 grams 16GB or 32GB internal storage 1 GHz Cortex A8 CPU 1.3MP front-facing camera and 3MP on the back 3G data and … Read more →