5 Amazing Hacks for Successful Blogger Outreach

February 16, 2020
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Blogger outreach is becoming prominent as a tool to make a foray into the customer’s psyche. However, it takes time for any marketer to actually work out the exact nuances behind using it. Most of them know that if they are successful these blogger outreach strategies would convert into multiple returns. If you are also […]

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Everything You Need To Know About Tai Lopez

January 8, 2020
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We live in a capitalist society. Now, many people will debate whether that is a good or a bad thing. But, what remains valid in both cases is that there is enough money for everyone to take. Although you need to work for it. Put in the work, and then you can reap the rewards. […]

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Guest Blogging  – You’ve Been Doing It Wrong All This Time!

December 20, 2019
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Digital marketing is now the main go-to strategy used by corporations and entrepreneurs worldwide. Having gained popularity for the way it bridges the gap between brands and their customers and helping brands to garner more fame, there are tons of ways digital marketing has helped businesses to grow. Content marketing is one of the most […]

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6 Skills Every Blogger Should Master to Thrive in 2020

December 6, 2019
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Whether you’re writing blog posts for yourself or others, there are certain skills to perform well in this industry. Writing ability, per se, is not enough. Have no fear, once you can grasp these concepts the work becomes easier and more fulfilling. 1. Selling Selling is the top skill for a reason—you must be able […]

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What are the top strategies for Internet marketing?

November 22, 2019
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Internet marketing is a key goal for many businesses these days. While it’s certainly not the case that traditional forms of marketing have gone completely out of the window, it is definitely the case that the web has been placed front and center in the focus of most people who want to get a message […]

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3 SEO tips for startups

November 15, 2019
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Startups take up a unique space on the business landscape of today and are faced with challenges that other business models don’t have to worry about. Brand impact needs to be fast, and with limited financial backing and a bootstrap mentality, the wrong step can set you back in ways that can be difficult to […]

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Using Personalization to Improve Your SMS Marketing

November 11, 2019
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Reach your customers where they are, with the content they want to receive. SMS marketing, if you’re not already doing it, it’s probably something you’re thinking about adding to your digital marketing strategy. When you consider that 5 billion people can send and receive text messages, it’s a number you can’t ignore. Using mobile messaging […]

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How To Leverage The Power Of URL Structure For SEO?

November 7, 2019
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Surely, you don’t need one more SEO problem to worry about. Particularly when your websites already have hundreds of URLs. What if someone from Google called you and told you how your websites will benefit only if you would leverage the power of SEO friendly URL structure! I’m sure that will get your attention. Here’s […]

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An Unorthodox Approach to SEO

October 19, 2019
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Search engine optimization is the lifeblood of all successful blog writers. Without SEO, there is no assurance of clicks and no guarantee that you can generate consistent revenue. However, it’s a shame that many people associate SEO with just well-placed keywords. There’s a lot more to it than that. Focus on Sales Traffic Rather Than […]

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Having Trouble With Churn? Real-Time User Engagement Can Help

October 9, 2019
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Churn is a significant problem for today’s mobile brands. 90% of users are lost within 30 days. And there’s no easy fix. Many methods for reducing churn are costly and slow. Improving the user interface, for example, eats up significant development resources and requires users to get used to a new layout and navigation. Is […]

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How To Pick The Right SEO Company

October 2, 2019
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Choosing the right SEO firm can lead to major consequences in the digital marketing strategy of your business. Whether the objective is brand awareness or conversion rate improvements, the website position in Google rankings comes down to picking the right firm to work with. The age of information brings us the opportunity to learn everything […]

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Top 10 Useful Blogging Tools

August 22, 2019

Blogging has become increasingly popular in recent years. Thanks to the Internet, you can create a blog for free and start generating content on the same day. While it’s easy to create a blog, not all blogs meet the standard set by WriteZillas. If you want your blog to stand out, you need to make […]

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Reasons for Making a Trading Checklist

May 13, 2019

Online trading has gained popularity over time. There are many platforms that support forex trading. Different cryptocurrencies are traded within those sites. Hence it is vital to make a great exchange and earn profits. Sometimes you keep on losing and wonder where you are going wrong. Well, in the world of trading, you need to […]

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How To Pick The Right Broker | Learn in Depth

May 13, 2019

As an investor in the stock market making profit is one of the main and top priorities. Most of us would tend to seek the help of stockbrokers for the fact that they have more experience and have a better finance background. These brokers also have knowledge and information about the latest developments in economics […]

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7 Effective Tips to Optimize Your Landing Pages for Better Conversions

February 5, 2019

Would you like to gain more leads and customers for your business? I know this is what keep most website owners busy during the day and awake at night. But how can you get more customers through your website? A vital part of your website is your landing page. What do I mean by a […]

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Top 4 Pillars of an Effective PPC Strategy in 2019

January 23, 2019

What is effective PPC? A PPC strategy is the method of generating more clicks on your website. An effective PPC strategy involves getting more traffic to your website by employing the right strategies for your advertising campaign. It is a paid activity. A few types of PPC ads include social media advertising, display advertising, and […]

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Create A Better Content Strategy For Best Online Presence

October 31, 2018

Content is the primary element of Instagram that will help you to make a better online presence through this productive social media platform. Therefore, it is paramount that you know how to build the content pillars for the type of content you share through Instagram. There are more than 95 million photos and videos shared […]

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Are Longer Posts Really Better? Short vs. Long Form Content Explained

October 23, 2018

Is long-form content better than short-form content? Is there an optimal content length? These have been some of the most widely asked questions in the digital world for many years. With research studies coming up with different, often contrasting, conclusions and digital marketing experts preferring different length, there has been a lot of confusion among […]

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WordPress Security – How to Improve Yours

October 18, 2018

WordPress is currently the most popular CMS in the world with a market share at the end of 2017 of 60%.  Part of the reason for this is the ease at which you can create a site with the numerous options available to you. Security, however, is a different proposition. Many businesses feel they have […]

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4 Cool Productivity Tools for Running Multiple Blogs

August 15, 2018

To be a successful blogger and make money from your website you have to be productive. Marketing statistics show that blogs with 11+ new posts a month get 3X times more traffic. And Blog Tyrant states that 69.4% of blogs make zero money and 22.6% more make less than $10,000 a year. If you want […]

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10 Easy Ways to Generate Content for New Blog

August 9, 2018

You’re a blogger, and like any blogger, you want to draw in as many readers as you can. Of course, the best way is to constantly write exciting content which people will want to read and share. However, regardless of how enthusiastic you might be, you will still have trouble creating quality content every week. […]

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Inbound Marketing For Small Businesses – 5 Major Benefits of Hiring an Agency

June 26, 2018

Inbound marketing is all about content, engagement, attention, interest, trust, and satisfaction. The goal of all these elements is to connect with your potential customers and build a bi-directional communication channel for more sale. In short, the term has to do with techniques for reaching to your customers in an organic way and not in […]

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How to make money from Adsense

June 26, 2018

If I say that you can make a decent sum of money by investing virtually nothing, you will say, “Go, clear you head”. But, it is possible. Google Adsense does allow you to make money without any investment. Let us see you can do it. What is Google’s Adsense? In very simple words, Adsense is […]

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How to Make Your Blog Stand Out From the Crowd

March 8, 2018

The number of internet users globally has seen exponential growth over the past couple of decades. An increasing number of people have access to the internet, and there are no geographical barriers in terms of access to content online in most instances. As a blogger, this can make it increasingly difficult for your blog to […]

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