The Rise In Popularity Of Mobile Gaming

Over the years, mobile technology has come on leaps and bounds and now people rely on their mobile devices to help them to navigate their day-to-day life. One of the most common uses of mobile devices such as smartphones is mobile gaming which is performed through apps and mobile-friendly sites. In this article, we are … Read more →

Through The Years: The World’s Most Popular Arcade Games

Arcade machines have now been part a part of westernised society for the best part of 100 years. Arcade machines in their earliest form were first introduced in the 1920’s; and although these simple machines only performed elementary functions such as playing music or telling the user some ‘useful’ information, they certainly paved the way … Read more →

The rise of VR and its practical applications

Virtual reality is taking the World over by storm. VR glasses, VR headsets, VR video games are already a reality. The popularity of this sort of entertainment is only expected to increase in the future. The technology isn’t going anywhere and it will only see its rates of adoption increase over the years. Virtual reality … Read more →

What is the best internet speed for online gaming?

If there is one thing online gamers hate more than anything, its lag. It can be the bane of existence for online gamers, often being hugely detrimental to gameplay in twitch-reflex games, such as online shooters. Lag isn’t really noticeable in turn-based strategy games, but in shooting games where you need real-time updates, lag, and … Read more →

Gaming Peripherals for the Ultimate Game Lover!

The gaming accessories guide on how to gear up to become a pro gamer and build your own prime game setup to have a top-notch gaming experience. With social media culture getting recognition and gaining popularity by the minute, gaming set a name for it and became the most loved social sport in the world. … Read more →

Destiny 2 – Know what one of the biggest online video games of our times has in store for you

Video games are much more than just a hobby as millions of people around the world play video games including online games like Destiny.  Destiny 2 is hot property in the world of multiplayer first-person video games that turned out to be critical and commercial hit.  If asked to name the most successful online video … Read more →

Top Five ergonomic gaming chairs under $100

Ergonomic gaming chairs are chairs made for comfort, with adequate headrest support, lumbar support, armrest support, and the entire backrest and spinal column support. The padding on a gaming chair, coupled with a variety of other features, adds up to the essentials of an ergonomic gaming chair. Because gaming chairs can be pretty expensive, it … Read more →

Gaming Innovations Soon To Dominate the Gaming Industry

Software developers are constantly working to change the face of gaming. The hard work being put by software developers manifest in different forms, at times we can all see the changes but on other occasions, the changes take place in the background and it’s difficult for outsiders to know. This article is going to focus … Read more →

Best 3D Car Racing Games for Android in 2018

Car racing games have always been the first choice of racing & shooting game enthusiasts. To add this further, combat car racing games offer perfect gaming experience to speed enthusiasts as they include a pinch of extreme shooting in that. Here, we have discussed best 3D car racing games including combat car racing games that … Read more →

The Best Games To Enjoy On Mac OS X

Gaming doesn’t automatically come to mind when you think “Mac”, however there are now loads of games available for the Mac and OS X sees many of the most popular games now being played on the Mac. Now developers have become a lot more open minded in terms of releasing games onto different platforms and … Read more →