Hack your productivity with a gaming mouse in 2020

A gaming mouse is becoming a popular sight in offices. It provides comfort and reliability compared to other workplace peripherals. And with extra buttons and a more high-tech, it can help you work smarter. Here are the reasons why you should use a gaming mouse for work.  It’s precise and accurate Unlike the regular mouse, … Read more →

7 online games that are perfect for improving your memory

Source Regardless of their age, most people will benefit from memory-improving games. The best part is how easily they are accessible now.  We have chosen some of the most effective working games for you today. So, grab your mobile and let’s build some brain muscle! Sudoku  Aside from the horrifying picture that brain aging creates in … Read more →

Girls Who Play: Women in the World of Gaming

The world of E-sports and gaming has always been dominated by men in prior years and a lot of people have always thought that gaming is a field dominated by men. Consequently, we are more familiar with the likes of Pewdiepie, Shroud and Ninja, among others. While video games have always been culturally associated as … Read more →

Video games based on TV shows – is it a trend?

Video games based on TV shows are nothing new, and in fact we can recall a long list of games that were based on popular TV game shows. Of course, that’s a slightly different category, but it’s altogether the same thing. So let’s try to differentiate. Video games based on TV game shows For video … Read more →

Why CS: GO Has Stolen so Many Gamers’ Hearts

If you take a look inside the gaming community, it’s not that hard to see that CS: GO has quite a numerous fan base. It was popular years ago, and the number of players has increased, while the company has added improvements to make the experience better. But to some, it is still unclear why … Read more →

Legendary Indie Titles Every Gamer Should Try

According to SteamSpy, Steam offers over 19 thousand indie titles for you to download. However, merely 2-3% of them are worth attention. IndieGames.Download prepared a must-have list to save your time. Undertale This one-person creation is one of the most praised indie titles of the last decade. It’s developer, composer, and writer Toby Fox drew … Read more →

The Rise In Popularity Of Mobile Gaming

Over the years, mobile technology has come on leaps and bounds and now people rely on their mobile devices to help them to navigate their day-to-day life. One of the most common uses of mobile devices such as smartphones is mobile gaming which is performed through apps and mobile-friendly sites. In this article, we are … Read more →

Through The Years: The World’s Most Popular Arcade Games

Arcade machines have now been part a part of westernised society for the best part of 100 years. Arcade machines in their earliest form were first introduced in the 1920’s; and although these simple machines only performed elementary functions such as playing music or telling the user some ‘useful’ information, they certainly paved the way … Read more →

The rise of VR and its practical applications

Virtual reality is taking the World over by storm. VR glasses, VR headsets, VR video games are already a reality. The popularity of this sort of entertainment is only expected to increase in the future. The technology isn’t going anywhere and it will only see its rates of adoption increase over the years. Virtual reality … Read more →

What is the best internet speed for online gaming?

If there is one thing online gamers hate more than anything, its lag. It can be the bane of existence for online gamers, often being hugely detrimental to gameplay in twitch-reflex games, such as online shooters. Lag isn’t really noticeable in turn-based strategy games, but in shooting games where you need real-time updates, lag, and … Read more →